Thursday, October 20, 2005

In case you wanted to know...

10 Random Facts about me
*I go to school at Appalachian State University.
*I wish I had a car.
*I miss my girls!
*I have the spawn of Satan in the form of a puppy at home. But I love her. :)
*Being away from home made me realize how much I love my Mom.
*I definitely think smoking is bad.
*I regret a number of things.
*I have a current Nip/Tuck fetish.
*I drink Mello Yello like I don't need my kidneys.
*I'm so ready to get out of school!

9 Places I Want to Visit
*Disney World (again)
*Costa Rica

8 things i want to do before i die
*get married
*have 4 or 5 kids...yeah I'm crazy!!
*drive my convertible bug!!
*visit my top 9 places
*decorate my parents' house
*be wealthy

7 things you can do to win me over
*buy me a car, lol
*make me laugh
*make me feel safe
*understand me & where i'm coming from
*listen to me
*don't act like you're my daddy
*be alex mullen :)

6 things i believe in
*everything happens for a reason
*being totally honest
*keeping your true friends through everything
*money is everything. (oh so sad but true) :\

5 things im afraid of
*the dark
*losing someone i love
*someone i love getting Alzheimer's
*i'll drive the stratus til i die.
*not getting to do everything on my top 8 list

4 of my fave possessions
*my pink iPod (thanks to my mullen)
*pictures...all 25 million of them.
*my FRIENDS DVD collection (it's still growing..)
*anything my grandmother gives to me

3 things i do everday
*pig out like there's no tomorrow
*talk to God

2 things im trying to do right now
*NOT do any homework or study
*pass biology. ironic, huh?

1 person who always makes your day better
*Alex. No matter what.
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