Sunday, February 2, 2014

Finally, Mark & Delora's Wedding Day Video!

It's here! It's here!

To make a long story short, my spare time and energy was completely non-existent for a (longer than I had wanted) while, so I unfortunately have taken WAY longer than I had expected to finish my first video. I recently began a new job (which is going AMAZING by the way) and my prayer is that I will regain my life, energy, time, and positivity very soon for my next two brides awaiting their videos!

I know I said this was my first video, and it was, but I have just finished my first video from scratch! I did the shooting AND editing. So, it's technically MY first. I am proud of it yet realizing where to improve with future videos.

Alright, so... Delora was the bride of the first wedding I shot. I have to give a shout out to Delora for allowing me to be a part of her big day! I did not charge her because I had no earthly idea what I was doing, but the experience was definitely needed and I now have one more video under my belt! :) And thank you, Delora, for being so amazingly patient with me! I hope your video is at least something you can keep to help you reminisce whenever you want about one of the happiest days of your life. :)

I also want to give a shout out to ANYone who does videography (or even photography) as a hobby or a part-time job. Man oh man oh MAN did I underestimate the insane amount of TIME that it would take after the big day. I was with Delora from the time she began getting ready until my camera died (lesson #1) pretty late into their reception. I had a few hours of film to review, crop, edit, and put to about 15 mins of music. Seriously, one of the hardest parts is cutting so much footage. I will definitely be giving her the raw footage so she can hear her guests' comments/well wishes & seeing what isn't included in the video.

Without further ado, I present to you my first made-from-scratch wedding video, the video of Mark and Delora Benfield's very special day!

Mark & Delora Benfield {06.08.2013} from Nicole Mullen on Vimeo.

Please let me know what you think- while remembering...
I'm not a professional.
I had no idea what I was doing.
This is solely a hobby.
& I am open to any advice! :)

Also- I have yet to figure out why the video, which was shot in HD, looks grainy the bigger the screen gets. I haven't tested it on the TV yet, but the bigger the player (for example: straight off of Vimeo's website) the worse the quality looks. If anyone wants to help me with this, I would sure appreciate it! I've Googled it a lot and it appears that my settings are what they should be (94% sure of it) but the quality still looks worse in bigger video players! :( I am sorry about that! AND, I apologize for any darker scenes... the lights are typically dimmed during receptions and I don't have an additional light. (Reminder: this is just a hobby for me!)

If I can get the problem solved I will re-upload the video & let you know! :)


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