Saturday, June 28, 2014

Alyssa & Joe's Wedding Video

Before I say anything, I want to say scream THANK YOU to Alyssa for being super patient with me. Her and handsome Joe got married October 26th and here we are, eight months later, and she finally gets to watch her wedding video! I started this "venture" last summer, having absolutely NO EARTHLY idea what I was doing. I had a "great" idea, a camera, some awesome editing software, and some time (then). I didn't think that booking 3 weddings would consume my time and emotions the way it has for the past 10 months. Yeah, I said it... TEN months!! To try to make myself feel better, I have only been working on Alyssa & Joe's video for less than two months (43 days to be exact). And that's not bad, right? :/ Yeah... again, I am sorry for the delay y'all!! I hope the wait was worth it when you see your video!

Okay, to the main point of this blog... Alyssa & Joe's wedding video is here, and done, and so so sweet!! Can I just say... Alyssa might watch this video & be like, "Is this the Joe Show?!" and the answer is yes. It kind of is. I say that because Joe was working it on his wedding day!! That man was a big ball of emotion and who doesn't want to watch a groom wipe tears away and laugh with his beautiful bride?? I love how mommas and bridesmaids and, again, the groom cried happy tears about the whole time! Alyssa, way to keep it together, girl! At least for the camera. ;) When they weren't laughing, they were crying. It was absolutely precious. And oh how I loved how the bridal parties prayed over the bride & the groom before the wedding. It was truly precious. I know I just said "precious" twice, but that's just how darn precious it truly was!! I can't wait for Alyssa & Joe to watch their raw footage. There was 2+ hours of footage that had to be cropped and fit to music. So much awesome footage "didn't make the cut" and that kind of made me sad. There were sweet clips of Alyssa's late grandfather, full footage of fun dances, and, of course, audio. :)

This couple loves them some Jesus and I loved filming their big day for them. Their wedding day was perfect and they are a blessed couple!  It's been eight months, but I still have four months of well wishes to send you, Alyssa and Joe. I hope the first year of marriage is treating you well and you continue to fall more and more in love with each other and with Jesus every day. Y'all are an inspiration. Keep on keepin' on!!

Without further ado, here is Alyssa & Joe's wedding video**...

Joe & Alyssa Martinez {10.26.2013} from Nicole Mullen on Vimeo.

**As always, view in HD, if you can, to improve image quality. Enjoy!! :)
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