Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Holly & Clint's Wedding Video

3 down, one more to go!

I know Clint and Holly are glad to finally hear me say, "Your video is ready!"  They have been sooo patiently waiting on me as I worked on videos to do before theirs and ya know, did life in the mean time. They have been SUPER understanding and, for that, I want to shout a big THANK YOU to them!!!! 

Clint and Holly were my first paid "clients" so I wanted to do 110% for them. I knew I could/should not rush through editing their video to get one more thing off my plate (which is another reason this has taken me so long). As I started watching and cropping their (then 2+ hour) video footage, I fell in love with their wedding day. I guess I couldn't "take it all in" the day of, just because I was "working" and stressed about doing a good job, especially since they paid me. I was there as the girls began to get ready and left mid-reception once my lighting ran out. (Don't forget, I'm an amateur!) Therefore, I got to see the roller coaster of emotions throughout the day and love love loved that I got to capture most of it on video. 

First of all, Clint and Holly had the good Lord above on their side on their special day. They got married at Vesuvius Vineyards in Lincolnton, NC ..... which translates to: they had their ceremony outside. Now, doing so in the late afternoon in July is 100% a risk. A risk I know all about, seeing as how I had just gotten married outside in April. It rained on my wedding day, resulting in us having the ceremony under the tent we planned to have our reception under. While my special day was imperfect, yet still beautiful and amazing, I didn't want Holly to have any regrets. About 45 minutes before the ceremony was to begin, the bottom fell out and it POURED rain!! As you will see in the video, Holly looked a little worried/stressed out/whatever you want to call it as she looked out the window, but like I said, the good Lord above was on their side and knew they were meant to have their ceremony as planned, because about 10 minutes before 6:00, the rain stopped and the sky cleared. The staff at Vesuvius Vineyards got to chair-wiping and we all reminded Holly to breathe, as her big moment was about to happen!! Holly, I want you to know just how blessed you are!! Clint, you too, but you could have probably cared less, haha! 

Second, Clint and Holly get the award for The Couple Who Kissed The Most On Their Wedding Day!! Have mercy!! :) You could tell they were madly in love and by gosh, that's what it's all about! 

And I love Holly's choice of music for the video. She picked music from their wedding for the video and I love her taste in music! While HelloGoodbye's "Here In Your Arms" is always fun, it made it a challenge to include her father-daughter dance as well as her stepsister's touching speech while it sang about lips touching and liking how you sleep next to me, but, my crazy perfectionist self made it work! (I told you...110%!) 

Without further ado, here's a link to Clint and Holly's wedding video... Enjoy! :)

Clint & Holly Hennessee {07.20.2013} from Nicole Mullen on Vimeo.

PS: I shot and uploaded the video in HD. The option was set to automatically view in HD, so you can see the video in its best quality. If you are viewing on a device that does not support HD, the video may appear a bit distorted- and that's why! 

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