Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crate failure #2

Imagine my surprise when I saw this when I first walked into the door:

That's the bottom of Baby's crate, that obviously wasn't locked in. Notice one of the two treats I left her still on the pan after my return, four hours later. And she LOVES those treats...

This adorable furry face met me when I walked into the living room. She flipped her bed over and was hanging out in the bare cage. Grr! Oh well, her loss...she is going to have to learn to love it!

Funny story: Later on, I was sitting on the couch and she got up and walked over to her crate. She started sniffing around, got BACK IN IT, sniffed some more, and then found the other treat I had left her, and ate it. She didn't eat either one while I was gone, but was sure to go back and get the two treats when she was a free bird.

I can already tell this whole experience is going to be a memorable one. :)

Doggy Lesson #1

Mom joined me today for Baby's "doggy lesson" numero uno! Gotta love Moms! If Baby isn't hanging out in Hickory with me, she'll be staying with my Mom, so, we needed two pairs of ears listening to Ms. Lisa at PetSmart...not only to make sure we remember everything, but mainly for much-needed consistency!! Of COURSE I set my alarm wrong {or something!} and woke up 15 minutes before it started. The only reason we were 5 minutes late was because I forgot her vaccination record at the apartment and didn't realize it until I was a couple minutes down the road. Thank you Lord for blessing me with green lights, little traffic, and pushing my gasless car all the way {first} to PetSmart and {then} to the gas station! And {of course} poor Baby decided to get car sick as we pulled into the parking lot. My dog has impeccable timing!

There were only 3 of us in the group training this morning...Baby, a newly adopted Mango {who was a-dorable!}, and CoCo {yappiest dog ever}. Funny story...Lisa {the dog trainer} asked Coco's "parents" if they were married {I don't know why but I remember there being a reason.} and the woman abruptly and sternly said, "NO!" ... Uhoh. Someone sounds like they're in the dog house {no pun intended}! The poor man, I felt sorry for him... they were both on disability, living together, and he was the one that was going to be taking car of her dog because she, again, was disabled. I think I'd be a little nicer to my live-in assistant if I were her! But that's just me...

We learned all kinds of cool things today and I hope Mom can continue to join me! It was fun for us to be able to do it together. I have homework to do until our next doggy lesson on Thursday and any time I leave the apartment {and can't take Baby}, then she'll be chillin' in the crate until I get back!

Another {almost not-so} funny story: Alex brought Baby to Hickory last night. I had her new crate home all filled, cute, comfy, and ready to go. Alex and I went to the Hickory Crawdads game last night and I'll be darned if as we passed her crate to walk out the door, she wasn't knocking her food and water over in it, on top of her bed and "security blanket." I fussed, "BABY! and THAT'S why you're going to training in the morning!" and then Alex and I left her there. She'll have to learn her lesson.

One thing I did learn this morning is that I need to get her on a feeding schedule, only feeding her twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. We don't over-feed her, we just lay the food out and she eats it when she wants to. She doesn't get the bowl replenished more than twice a day. So! With that said, there will be no food left in her crate for her to toss about when I leave, which means no food for me to clean up when I return! :) Sounds good to me! I feel bad not leaving her any water...but the trainer suggested she'd be fine. Lisa said, "She's inside, in the A/C.. she'll be fine while you're gone, just offer her some water when you get back." So, we'll try that! Alex asked me if we could get her one of those hamster water bottles to have her suck out of off the side of the crate. I'm pretty sure they don't make those for dogs, but I could be wrong...

Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

baby goes to school...

So, Baby's going through some serious separation anxiety when I bring her to stay with me in Hickory. My apartment was recently recarpeted so, there's no more room for foolishness! I have decided that an old dog can and will be taught new tricks and am enrolling Baby in "doggy lessons" {as I am calling it}. We start this Saturday morning and I can't wait to see how it goes! I'm already loving the lady who is going to be teaching them. Cross your fingers for me! :) and for her! My poor Baby's in for it and she has no idea...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

on my heart

This is a total candid venting session slash truth moment from me: 

I'm sure we all have that friend or those friends that we love so much that we hate to see them make poor decisions, and that could be ANY poor decision. We obviously wouldn't and shouldn't care so much if it's not that big of a deal, so obviously, we think our friend's life is being affected so much in such a negative away that it makes us sad. Well, for me, it really breaks my heart. My friends mean a whole whole lot to me, and I hate to see them regret things, hurt, or worry.

It's true- I have been known to wear my heart on my sleeve and say what I think. I am not one to tell you something for the sole purpose of making you feel good if I truly believe in my heart of hearts that it is in fact not good for you. Please know, the reason I am not praising or congratulating you for whatever it is in your life is not out of hate, jealousy, or whatever reason you can come up with for why I act the way I do. It's because I actually like {no, LOVE}'s because I think you're worth more and deserve's because I hate that life has made you think that you have to settle for less than perfect for you, or that someone less than perfect IS perfect for you. I am not coming up to you and saying "oh my gosh, you are making the worst decision ever, again!"...I am just simply saying nothing if I have nothing good to say. Don't be offended. I know that's easier said than done {trust me, I am learning that lesson myself currently!} but seriously...take it as a compliment from me if you can. Don't be upset if I don't join in with your other friends, please. I just don't like seeing people I care about making poor decisions that I know they will regret later. Can you blame me for that? If you can, accept my apologies. I will always try to be here for my friends, and I mean always. I pride myself in my loyalty to my true friends. I am not rooting for your failure, but worry about it because I wish you the best in everything. As life happens you see patterns unfold and I can only hope for you that this time, this decision, this move works out for you. I was going to say "works out for the best" but I know everything happens for the best anyways and, well, your actions are not screaming that you expect the best. But if, just if, I am right- then I'll be here and I won't even say "I told you so." Because that's what true friends are for.

I think we all can relate. Sometimes the best thing we all can say is not a thing in the world. 

What is your life screaming?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wise Children- Part 2

I referred to this video during my class presentation last night. Actually it was another one of Lia's videos on euthanasia, but, like myself, my class was astounded by how profoundly and how passionately this {at the time} 7th grader spoke on the topic of abortion. She has presented this speech on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and has been informed she has preventing several mothers from aborting their children. Please listen to it, listen to her thoughts, and just be amazed!!

Wise Children - Part 1

"Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy" :

I hope you took the time to watch {slash listen to} this video. This boy is so wise at such a young age! I never would have thought to compare God sacrificing His {only} son to losing someone/thing super close to you- and that could be a grandparent, a parent, a brother or sister, a friend, or even a pet. It makes perfect sense. This was such a great video and message and I wanted to be sure to share it with you. I am sure the Lord has great things in store for Logan, but if something {God forbid} happened to Logan today, I'm sure he would be honored to know that his story, his message has taught and blessed others who may {or even may not} be going through a tremendously difficult time in their life. God bless you, Logan!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I love love.

Sometimes we'll be piled on the couch, wearing sweats, eating the kind of ice cream we like, watching our favorite TV show, talking in the shorthand way we talk that nobody else understands, and I'll realize that this every day, simple, no-big-deal moment... this is my happiness.
"Love is what makes you smile when you are tired." ~Terri, age 4. 
I'd rather have a hand full of handpicked wild flowers than a bouquet of roses... a sweet note on a post-it than a poem... a thoughtful gift rather than an expensive one... an afternoon laying in the grass watching the clouds or the stars than a 5 star restaurant... a wink from across the room, a simple smile, a knock on the door at 1 AM just to say goodnight, a soft prayer in the middle of the silence....

I love that boy. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy 4th of july!

The day has come & I couldn't be more happier about it. I am THROUGH with Psychopathology! I've moved back to Hickory & am attempting to get settled back into my apartment, which I'm doing a major "clean out" of in my spare time! I need to catch up on my other class I've been neglecting as well as start two more classes this week. I will so so glad when this summer is over. I'm taking four classes in the Fall as well, but spaced out over 15 weeks will make me much happier than cramming everything into 5! I don't think I could have made it without the constant support & venting sessions with Caren and Jodi! Girls...WE DID IT!

Alex & I had us a nice little 4th of July! We went to the early service {which I enjoy} & then had breakfast with some friends of ours & his brother! Then we spent the day lounging by the pool until time to head to the lake to cook out and hang out with some friends from church! It was fun!

Look at this VIEW! Love it!

Look at my "special friend" haha ... he always finds a way to make me laugh :)

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