Saturday, July 17, 2010

on my heart

This is a total candid venting session slash truth moment from me: 

I'm sure we all have that friend or those friends that we love so much that we hate to see them make poor decisions, and that could be ANY poor decision. We obviously wouldn't and shouldn't care so much if it's not that big of a deal, so obviously, we think our friend's life is being affected so much in such a negative away that it makes us sad. Well, for me, it really breaks my heart. My friends mean a whole whole lot to me, and I hate to see them regret things, hurt, or worry.

It's true- I have been known to wear my heart on my sleeve and say what I think. I am not one to tell you something for the sole purpose of making you feel good if I truly believe in my heart of hearts that it is in fact not good for you. Please know, the reason I am not praising or congratulating you for whatever it is in your life is not out of hate, jealousy, or whatever reason you can come up with for why I act the way I do. It's because I actually like {no, LOVE}'s because I think you're worth more and deserve's because I hate that life has made you think that you have to settle for less than perfect for you, or that someone less than perfect IS perfect for you. I am not coming up to you and saying "oh my gosh, you are making the worst decision ever, again!"...I am just simply saying nothing if I have nothing good to say. Don't be offended. I know that's easier said than done {trust me, I am learning that lesson myself currently!} but seriously...take it as a compliment from me if you can. Don't be upset if I don't join in with your other friends, please. I just don't like seeing people I care about making poor decisions that I know they will regret later. Can you blame me for that? If you can, accept my apologies. I will always try to be here for my friends, and I mean always. I pride myself in my loyalty to my true friends. I am not rooting for your failure, but worry about it because I wish you the best in everything. As life happens you see patterns unfold and I can only hope for you that this time, this decision, this move works out for you. I was going to say "works out for the best" but I know everything happens for the best anyways and, well, your actions are not screaming that you expect the best. But if, just if, I am right- then I'll be here and I won't even say "I told you so." Because that's what true friends are for.

I think we all can relate. Sometimes the best thing we all can say is not a thing in the world. 

What is your life screaming?

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  1. Nicole! This is great-I loved it and I am on the same page with you. Thanks for sharing.


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