Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wise Children - Part 1

"Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy" :

I hope you took the time to watch {slash listen to} this video. This boy is so wise at such a young age! I never would have thought to compare God sacrificing His {only} son to losing someone/thing super close to you- and that could be a grandparent, a parent, a brother or sister, a friend, or even a pet. It makes perfect sense. This was such a great video and message and I wanted to be sure to share it with you. I am sure the Lord has great things in store for Logan, but if something {God forbid} happened to Logan today, I'm sure he would be honored to know that his story, his message has taught and blessed others who may {or even may not} be going through a tremendously difficult time in their life. God bless you, Logan!

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