Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crate failure #2

Imagine my surprise when I saw this when I first walked into the door:

That's the bottom of Baby's crate, that obviously wasn't locked in. Notice one of the two treats I left her still on the pan after my return, four hours later. And she LOVES those treats...

This adorable furry face met me when I walked into the living room. She flipped her bed over and was hanging out in the bare cage. Grr! Oh well, her loss...she is going to have to learn to love it!

Funny story: Later on, I was sitting on the couch and she got up and walked over to her crate. She started sniffing around, got BACK IN IT, sniffed some more, and then found the other treat I had left her, and ate it. She didn't eat either one while I was gone, but was sure to go back and get the two treats when she was a free bird.

I can already tell this whole experience is going to be a memorable one. :)

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