Saturday, January 16, 2010

Date day!

For a couple weeks, Alex has been asking me when I'd have some free time. School hadn't even started yet & already I had none! Even my Christmas break only seemed like a couple days of free time. So, I picked a day a week or so in advance that I didn't have anything really on the agenda yet (except the return of Grey's Anatomy). Somehow, some way, a week later the day came and I still didn't have anything on my agenda! So, all went according to (Alex's) plan.

Let me just say, in case you don't already know this tid-bit about me, I don't have much patience. It's something I pray for, a lot. I don't like being in the dark, or waiting, so, Alex purposefully keeping me in the dark for over a week about our plans for the day really drove me bananas! But he wanted to keep it a surprise, so, "I let him." haha

Anyways, he tells me that we HAVE to leave by 11:00 and for me to be ready to walk out of the door then. Well, if you know me then you know this did not happen. 11:15 and we leave, and decide to take my car (which is about 2,000 miles overdue for an oil change and needed gas) so, take a little time to pump gas & check the oil, ya know, make sure I still have some! & then we were off....

Rewind! So, Alex walks in my apartment and immediately I start hounding him about what we're doing. He says, "Okay, I'll tell you, but, even if you don't like the idea, pretend like you do." Then he tells me he's taking me to the Biltmore House! My face lit up and I think I clapped, haha.... and I was not pretending. I have always wanted to go to the Biltmore House and I don't know why I have never been. Things like that just interest me. :) I was pumped!

We had such a good time! It was a perfect day with perfect weather! You know me...of course I got some pictures!

I even managed to sneak some pictures inside the Biltmore House, when one of the 638,751 employees weren't standing around the corner. Here are some of our favorites... room?? pretty nice for 1900ish.

a beautiful view of the mountains!

cool paintings on the basement walls...

Alex is obsessed with all things superhero so, I took this picture for him. Why it was painted on the basement wall of the Biltmore House, I don't know...

& Alex's favorite...the pool!

I didn't get to take any pictures of the beautiful bedrooms. And the garden was all dead and everything since it is January so, we'll have to make another trip in the Spring!  :) I was also super fascinated with the ceilings in all the rooms...I would LOVE living in a place with such beautiful architecture. [<--saying this is a definite sign I am getting older.]

Alex gets an A+ for date day! :)

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