Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My future in counseling

I just watched the movie Precious...finallly! I had heard SO many good things about the movie and couldn't wait to actually come to a Red Box and see it available to rent! To make a long story short: the movie is intense and I absolutely loved it!

The movie did get me thinking about my future in counseling. I know that, unfortunately, the things that Precious had to endure is going on in our home towns. You don't have to travel to Harlem to experience physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, incest, rape, hatred, or anything else equally as horrible. Most of these situations go unnoticed. Unless the student becomes a problem, then their home life may be investigated. That is not okay with me. However, I wonder what process these "children" face once they make their home life situations known. Do they visit with a social worker on a regular basis? Are they taken out of their home immediately? Are they still in any danger? Are they seeking counseling?

I know I'm in the beginning stages of learning counseling theories, techniques, ethics, etc... but one day, when I'm ready, I want to be able to help people, genuinely help people. Someone like Precious needed HELP, someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone who will take her seriously and work on changing/fixing the SERIOUS problems. I'd like to be that person for someone someday. That's a personal dream of mine. I don't know where God will lead me. I don't know if I'll ever be a counselor, honestly. Everything in life is  God-willed... I know that. But, if I could choose how my counseling career would go, I'd like to make a difference.

I'm so indecisive. There are things I know I absolutely do not want to do. And there's things I'd like to do, and then there's things I'd love to do. I would love to be that liaison for a child in need. On a completely different note, at times I think I would love to work as a counselor, counseling clients who have recently been diagnosed with a life-altering diagnoses. Or with families whose children may have recently been diagnosed with some sort of ailment. I know when you are diagnosed with something, you have all these sudden worries, fears, anticipations, goals, anxieties...feelings...and it would definitely be beneficial to speak to a professional counselor about everything going on. I would love love love to do that!

Watch, I'll probably be a middle school guidance counselor. Haha....

Time will tell. I just thought I'd share some of my long-term goals with you tonight. :)

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