Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream Journal Entry #3

Journaling dreams for class...

Okay, so I figured something out. I might have said earlier that I never have good dreams. Well, I'm not retracting my statement or anything, but I definitely have learned that I do have non-nightmares from time to time. And, I've slacked a little. I've learned that if I wake up from a non-nightmare dream, I'll just {probably check my phone, lol, and then} just go back to sleep. But with a nightmare, I wake up, don't want to go back to sleep, so have been getting up and journaling blogging. Well, I definitely slept in this morning but I'll attempt to blog about my two dreams I remember having this morning.

Dream #1: 
I wore this really long purple dress I have to a country-style bar with some friends of mine.

{To be honest, I would never really wear that dress to any bar, and I don't really go to bars.}

I was with an old friend of mine, Ashleigh, and she had just started dating this boy. And for SOME reason she was really afraid that this scrapbook that she had made would make him not want to date her. Only, it was a scrapbook of middle and high school years, and we have been graduated for 5 years now, and they had just started dating, sooo...I was confused. As we got ready to go to the bar I was defending her, telling the guy that whatever was in there, was from a long time ago, and is in the past. That's the end of that story.

Now, I was at the bar with the friends, and then I noticed that I had started talking to someone in the bar and turned around and all my friends were gone. I went looking for them in this room that had some pool tables in it, and there were probably three girls from high school that I honestly just don't like. So I did a quick glance over of the room, pretended I didn't see the girls, and left. I remember being kind of glad that all my friends were gone and I could just talk to this person. I honestly don't even remember if it was a boy or a girl, so I definitely couldn't tell you what their face looked like, or who they were!

Ask me how I got home....because I have NO idea. I think I woke up at this point and went back to sleep to dream this dream:

Dream #2:
Pretty much, I don't know what happened beforehand, but me and all my Christian friends were in a movie theater-like place, only it had a somewhat tall stage at the front. {I guess you could still call that a theater?} We all had a Bible in our hands and there was a group of guys at the front, on stage, hollering at us, telling us what we were going to do. {It reminded me a lot of the "bad guys" from The Book of Eli.} We were supposed to, row by row, line up and walk towards the stage. We weren't allowed to get on stage so we were just supposed to walk in front of the stage, one by one, and throw our Bibles into this pit of fire on stage. None of us wanted to do it, but we all did it. We all seemed convinced that the guy up front would let us live if we threw our Bibles into the fires.

{Side note: I can hear you saying now, "You gave in to the Devil and sacrificed your Bible instead of defending the Lord and dying for him" or something of the sort. In actuality, I never felt like that in my dream, but I thought that myself as I typed this up. HOWEVER, I remember thinking in my dream, "It's okay because I have at least four more Bibles at home."}

The person had told us to bring our favorite Bible to this place, and that if we wouldn't, he would find us and kill us. I remember bringing this Bible that Alex got me in June 2008 because it is my favorite. {I only know it was June because he wrote it on the first page.} And then I remember crying my eyes out after I threw it up onto stage because it was a Bible that Alex gave me. It had more sentimental value to me than the others.

I don't really know what happened afterward, but I woke up and didn't want to go back to sleep after that. {Good thing because it was 12:15pm and I have things to do today!} But man, I was not the brightest person ever in my dream! Why didn't I just bring another Bible and say it was my favorite? Why did I go at all? Why did I not stand up for what I believed in? What did I think I was going to do with my life once the men on stage let me have it?

Hmm...Odd dream. Pretty scary to me. :/

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