Friday, May 21, 2010

"Hey, what side's the gas tank on???"

First of all, don't mind me while I reminisce for a moment. I remember the days when I drove "the Stratus" as I called it. It had no heat, no air, and was forever out of gas!! I drove that thing until, well, it had no heat and no air. I don't recall if the Stratus had this handy little thing, but if it did, I was unaware.

Back in February, driving home from Pat's appointment at Duke Hospital, we stopped at a gas station. I'm pretty sure that Pat and I were screaming at Mom for being a horrible driver {love you Mom!} and I'm pretty sure that she made a couple last second slam-on-the-brake motions before pulling into this gas station. It was when she did it again while she asked which side the gas tank was on, when Pat introduced us to THIS:

Does this mean anything to you? No, not the fact the gas tank's on E, but look closer. Pat thought both of us were pretty out of it to NOT know about this. What is it, you ask?? Well, check out the gas symbol...there's an arrow to the left of it!! That means the gas tank's on the left!!


Okay, I understand that probably some of you knew this before. HOWEVER, I KNOW that Mom & I were not the last people on the planet to figure this out! Not every car is blessed with this little symbol, but my car is {which isn't really convenient now that I've pumped gas in it more than once} & Mawmaw's car has it too! I took my grandmother's car to fill it up with gas. Pulling into the gas station I thought to myself, "Crap! I don't know which side the gas tank's on." & BAM! It hit me! I remembered to look for the arrow! Sure enough, I found out the gas tank was on the right!!

Leave it to me to have a brain fart after seeing the arrow and pulling to the RIGHT of the pump. Duh, Nicole!! But nevertheless, had I been thinking {a little more}, this handy invention would have totally served it's purpose!!

Just wanted to educate you a little tonight....You're welcome to those of you who I just enlightened! ;)

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