Monday, May 17, 2010

The summer is beginning....

So here I am....the semester is over! All Almost all of the residents have left. My duties are complete. It feels good to say that! Today was the day I could head home for "the summer" but I'll be back & forth all summer. I'm working at the gym on campus and tried to work it in my schedule to only work on the days I had class, that way I could potentially save myself some trips to Hickory gas money! Today's the first day this semester I'm working here...11-7pm...sitting at the desk, trying to keep myself entertained. I've already caught up on Modern Family {which is my new favorite show} & ordered some Dominoes Pizza {I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning, and did you think I'd wait til 7pm to eat for the first time today?!} I have a to-do list of things to get done around the apartment when I get off work, just so I won't have to worry about things while I'm away! I'll really only have a week off until I work again, and then another week off until I work again and summer school starts {which I'm dreading by the way}. Not much of a break, but I'll take it!!

This is the first summer in a long time I won't be working ALL the time {except my month-long trip to Costa Rica in 2007, but I worked before I left & worked when I returned} so I'm hoping to at least get a TAN! I'll be taking four summer school courses throughout the summer, so I'll have lots of studying to do...hopefully I can handle it poolside!! :)

I actually have a bit of stuff I want to do/complete this summer. A "bucket list" of sorts, if you will...

I want to:
  • Get a tan! 
  • Make all A's. Okay, okay, I'll settle for a B in Psychopathology! {Eek!}
  • Not procrastinate with my school work
  • Continue working on & hopefully complete my 2009 scrapbook
  • Post devotions to "ten minutes to get you through your day" at least once a week
  • Work on a Bible study of my own
  • Read for pleasure...haven't decided what to read first yet! 
  • Go see my friend Lindsey in Wilmington
  • Have a wedding shower for Caroline
  • Exercise at least three times a week
  • See Sex & the City 2 in theaters
  • See Eclipse in theaters on opening night...ya know, get that fanatic experience {even though I'm not a die-hard fan}

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