Friday, June 4, 2010

So much for free time....

Man, oh man! I've been super busy lately & have wanted to blog about so so many things! However, Psychopathology has started & we are required to:
  • Post 2 discussion questions a week {no big deal if my brain would start working}
  • Post 3 replies to discussion questions...FIVE OUT OF SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!
  • Take 3 quizzes a week on 2-5 chapters a quiz {seriously}
  • Therefore meaning, read 2 textbooks in the month of June
  • Blog at least once a week {and this one doesn't count ;) }
  • Take a final exam {it'll be my first one of my counseling program}
  • & I'm sure something else I'm forgetting
...and that's all for a B in the class!! Whoa baby!! June will be busy, that's for sure! Keep me in your prayers because I'm going to attempt to do all the required work plus a little extra for an A {got to at least attempt to keep that 4.0} AND I'll be starting another class this Tuesday!! :/

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