Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh, just some rambling...

I know every year has it's ups and downs, but this year's definitely been a rough one.
Luckily I have some fun things to look forward to coming up... and I still have 4 months left of this year to keep working on making it the best year ever.
My goal every New Years is to make "this year" the best year ever.

Between Pat's diagnosis, family issues, summer school ruining my summer, and practically having zero break between the three semesters of the year has really just taken a toll on me.
I keep telling everyone that this year I need to be working on getting some sleep.
A bed time would be nice...
and sleeping the whole night through would be even more fabulous!
I don't want to sleep in as late as I do, but if you go to bed as late as I do, it's needed!
I don't ever feel like I waste my days away because I am still probably up and going at everything on my to-do list in the hours that I'm awake just as many hours as a "normal person."
It's just not healthy and I've got to do better.

We are already doing better this year as an Ike unit...
{note that I did not say better than last year. I am not comparing staffs because I can already go ahead & tell you...they both ROCK!}
...the students all survived their first weekend away from Momma and Daddy and there wasn't a flood on any halls!
Move-in went flawless and I have my fabulous staff to thank for that!
I feel like it's going to be a great school year! :)

I started my first class of the semester tonight.
This semester's going to KICK. MY. BUTT.
4 classes, working at the gym, doing the RD thing, and trying to find time to see family, friends, and Alex... man!
This is going to be a doozy!
I feel like it's been forever since I've been home and actually had time to spend there.
Any time I go it's for a reason, I have an agenda, and I'm in and out and back to Hickory before I know it.
Which isn't too too bad because I love living in Hickory!
I just wish that everyone I loved also lived in Hickory.

I do miss going to church.
I need to find a good church in Hickory.
I sure would miss Mike Devine's preaching though!

Anyways, back on the school subject... this is my last full semester of classes!
And I mean it this time!
I will not.. I repeat: I will NOT be going to get my PhD so, yes, this is my last full semester of classes.
Next semester I will be doing a school counseling internship at a local high school while I take one class,
then next summer I will be doing an agency counseling internship SOMEwhere
{Lord, find me a place!} while I take my last elective class.

So do you know what that means??


{I'll say to August 1st because, well, if I'm not done by then I might cry!}

So, in only 342 days, I will be DONE with graduate school,
either beginning a new job or job searching {Lord, guide me!}
and starting a new life!

I better enjoy my job, all the fabulous people that are in my life, and the flexibility I have in my schedule right now.
Don't get me wrong.... I'M BUSY, but my schedule is pretty flexible.
That I love.
I don't have an 8-5 job and Lord help me if I ever do!

So do you know what that means?

It means I have 342 days to
No time for being down or worrying.
I put my whole life in God's hands and trust Him to work it all out!
I HAVE to... or else I would have gone crazy a looooong time ago! :)

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