Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Extreme Air

Lenoir-Rhyne often times hosts cool events on campus, and this was one of them! Extreme Air Tour came to campus and I really really wanted to try it! It's actually a wind tunnel that simulates sky diving under winds of about 125 mph! Tori and I made our way to the stadium parking lot, signed our lives away, and tried it out. It was so much fun! So glad I tried it!

I love how they are holding onto me by the side of my outfit. So secure... haha

how awesome!

If you click the pic to zoom in, you can see that my face is about to fly off!


  1. Hey! Your blog is so pretty! Did you design it or have someone design it? I just used a free template but I'd love to make it look nicer. You can see mine at madryleechronicles.blogspot.com. How are your classes going this semester?

  2. I found a background and then customized everything to match! Oh & found a cute button here or there! :) I enjoyed it for a while, but it took me a while so I might leave it this way forever! I am following you now...at first, I was like, who is that?! :) But now I know... I miss talking to you!! Come to my apartment THursday night at 7pm for a Mary Kay get together with some of the girls {most from campus} if you're free! Classes are going ok....I feel a mad truck coming on though because I don't think it's been that difficult yet! How are yours going??


Let me know what you think! :)

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