Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rambling about college & school & stuff...

I kind of like this whole "getting dark at 5pm thing" because I am sitting here, after a VERY long day, finally getting a chance to sit do homework mind you....and I feel like it's about 11pm! It was only 6something! Between that & (first forgetting too & then) choosing not to change my microwave's time back quite yet has really tricked my mind well a number of times into at least thinking I had more hours in the day. We're all asking for this, wishing we had more time in the day and here I go...finding ways to at least make myself THINK I do! :) I am just so smart. Ha!

Today I assisted a large number of high school seniors at Maiden High in applying for college. It's College Application Week so they get to apply to some (mostly private) colleges for free this week. Listening to all the questions and concerns they had really made me wish I could tell them "it doesn't matter!" You don't have to pick your major right now, you don't have to accurately calculate how much of your expenses are paid by your parents, how much by you, and how much by your savings account....things like that. Just guess as good as you can!

I am just so so so thankful that season in my life is OVER! I remember sitting at my computer, applying to Appalachian, wondering if I would get in, being glad I didn't have to write an essay to get in & the application fee was only $25. On top of that, I found out a month after I applied whether I got in or not. I did get a great deal on the "applying to college" gig. But then the next 3 years of my life were devoted to school work, working part-time jobs, driving up & down a mountain, & just figuring out a way to make it all end as soon as possible.

.... and I did. 3 years & I was out of there!

Boone, I love you (at times), but I'm not in love with you. I'm definitely glad I don't live in Boone anymore...even though Boone was beautiful last time Alex & I visited.

Side thought: "Boone. I like that name. I might name a dog Boone one day."

My point is...thank God I am past that season in my life. It was a tough one for me and just a stepping stone/obstacle in my way in the long scheme of things.

I have enjoyed graduate school so much more.

But school, I'm REALLY getting tired of you.

I'm working my butt off to get everything else that's due this semester done ASAP! That way I will be able to breathe a little, enjoy myself a little, and gosh darn clean those dishes that have been piling up in my sink! My poor apartment has been completely neglected the last 2 weeks due to all this school work I've had going on. And I feel like I've barely made a dent in my mountain!

"...It's like moving mountainsssssss...." ~ anyone know that Usher song?? ha!

Okay, I'll get back to my homework now. Bluh!

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