Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kittens: Inspired by...KITTENS!

Delana, who is pretty much me, but younger, posted this video on Facebook tonight. Now y'all tell me...either I'm delirious from staying up so late every night working on the end of my semester OR this is some FUNNY STUFF! I watched it one time in disbelief, then watched it again and laughed the whole way through!! I wish this girl would have done more videos like this. But anyways, thank you, Delana, for posting this, making me laugh, and improving my night! Now I can share my newest favorite YouTube with you!


Some great quotes from this fine piece of work:
  • "I want pie! I want beef jerky!"
  • "I'm her Mom!" "No. she's. not."
  • "We are eating PEPPER! and CHIPS!"
  • "bow wow chicka bow wow chicka bow wow"
  • "I have to got POTTY!!!" "Look down to his feet..." "Pssssssssssssss!"

Hahahaha!!! Man!! I love this kinda stuff!!

What are your favorite YouTubes?? Send them my way! Funny, or fabulous!

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