Saturday, July 9, 2011

His perfect plan....

Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with me. I have been MIA from the blog world {once again} for far too long! I am interning 40 hours a week, spending time after I get home at the gym, getting dinner, winding down for a few, and then trying to get in bed at a decent time. That is my life. This is my summer. I am a LAH-WHO-ZA-HER! For real. But, I'm getting my internship hours completed and that makes me so happy! I am absolutely loving my internship site and the people who work there, but at some point in time, I will officially graduate, have to start paying student loans back, and well, frankly, {as Dwight from The Office says} "Gas ain't free!" Haha....

No but really, I'm really enjoying my internship site, getting to do some clinical evaluations, getting some great experience diagnosing mental health clients and referring them to services. It's been such a great experience and I am learning SO much. Everyone there is so helpful and is willing to teach me what I need to learn to be successful in a future mental health career. I am SO thankful for the opportunity and for the experience. God knew what He was doing and what I needed and I knew there was no reason to fret when I couldn't find an internship, then when I realized I had two and had to split my time, and then when I realized I had to lose an internship. It was all in His plan, His perfect plan!! 

Trusting God is something that is becoming so natural to me. Things fall apart and people do things to hurt me, I don't have any future plans, but I need some, and time is ticking, and quite frankly, I should be freaking out. But, I'm not. Why freak out?  Has it not always worked out before? Has God not always provided my needs? I am going to be honest. I have been straight up BLESSED. If I ever needed a job, I found one, one was given to me, something crazy rare just suddenly *popped up* out of nowhere and I was given another opportunity. God has always known what I needed and provided exactly that for me. I've been in ruts and He has pulled me out. I have complete faith that He will continue to do that for me, especially with my upcoming job search.

God knows I need a job for August.  God knows I am fishing for a lead. But I don't want to grab up the first job offer I'm offered for a job I applied for just because I have to have money. I want to be where God wants me to be. I want to be where I'm needed and where I can grow and learn and be a part of something great! 

I can't sit back and expect God to give. I'm applying for jobs. But I know what I'm passionate about and what I'm not. If I think I would hate a job, or if I know the environment is not healthy, then I am not applying for those jobs. I want to apply for those jobs where I believe I would be able to help people, doing something I'm interested in and would enjoy, and in a good work environment.  I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. I don't want to rush into a decision. I don't want money to be my deciding factor. I am just going to continue to pray for God's will in my life. That He will provide a way, a lead, an interview, a JOB OFFER {or two} and I pray that I can make the right decision, and, hopefully not before too long {if I could have my way}. 

But, until then, I'll just appreciate my first real big-girl job interview and pray that the right job for me is offered to me! I would love love love the job I was interviewed for, but if I am not offered the position, I will keep my faith in God that He will provide the job that I am truly supposed to be at in August. {Dear God please let it be August.} I should find something out next week.

Until then, I'll be playing the waiting game! :)

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