Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disrespecting September 11th

So, yesterday I did a co-worker a favor & subbed for a school worker. I was basically supposed to monitor this client who is on the autism spectrum and prompt him when he becomes distracted. Well, in his last class of the day, his English teacher wanted to show the class some videos of 9/11 that included visuals, audio recordings, timelines, etc. It was pretty educational to those who cared to listen because these "kids" were 4-6 years old on September 11, 2011.

Now, onto the part that INFURIATED me...

While watching the video(s), there were two class clowns complete A-holes who thought it would be cool or funny or whatever the heck their peanut brains thought to snicker, laugh, and make dumb comments. A conversation between one of them and the teacher went a little something like this:

Idiot Boy: "They should have never got their license."
Teacher: "Who?"
Idiot Boy: "The people driving the planes. They can't drive!"
Teacher: "They FLY the planes, and yes they could fly planes, they had their PILOT'S license."
Idiot Boy: "Well obviously they couldn't fly the planes. They should have never gotten their license. This was all their fault."

You see where I'm going here? COMPLETE idiot. Idiot's not even the word.

So they kept laughing, making fun of the videos, laughing out loud at the audio tapes of victims right before they died on the flights they were on, etc. ...SERIOUSLY.

So, there was a Deaf and Hard of Hearing interpreter in the room. She was obviously getting visibly upset and finally said, "WHY are you laughing? This is nothing to laugh about! I lost my son to a suicide bomber in Afghanistan because of this, and you are laughing!" She then preceded to remove herself from the classroom.

While she was gone, the teacher {who is still not on my favorite persons list} half-serious asked the student(s) why they were laughing and "informed them" that they had hurt her feelings. Uh, duh! The lead idiot then talked about how he shouldn't have to apologize to her, because it wasn't his fault that she was crying and that the videos were obviously humorous and wanted to know why they had to watch them.

I am being serious! This kid was serious!

That's when I politely interjected, saying, "Your teacher is trying to educate you on the events of that day because it's obvious you have no idea what happened."

At this time, I went with my student to this special break students could go on, so I was out of the room for most of the rest of the presentation. When we returned, the two A-holes were sitting in the hallway, together, laughing and cutting up.

"So, I guess you got kicked out of class."
"Yeah, she kicked us out."
"GOOD" was my response.

We caught the last five minutes of the presentation, while we had to keep the door open to "keep an eye on" the two in the hallway, whom we could still hear. Um, I don't know but about being an actual teacher, but I can guarantee you one thing- if those students were in MY classroom they sure would not be rewarded for completely offending everyone in the room.

I will give the teacher a little credit. When the idiots were instructed back into the classroom, she told them that if they said one more thing or laughed one more time that they were going to have to write down the names of every single victim of 9/11. I thought that was a great idea.

Now, I won't get really into the rest of my thoughts on the rest of what happened, but let's just say that this kid is a SUPER Obama fan. He can't tell you that you FLY instead of DRIVE a plane, and believes that 9/11 is at the fault of the pilots who lost their lives,  but he can tell you that Obama is the best President ever.
He can't tell you what Obama believes in, has attempted to do or succeeded in doing during his Presidency, or whether he's a Republican or a Democrat, but he can tell you that he's the best President ever. I'm sure he thought of that idea all on his own too.

Okay, {morals of the story is} parents of this generation:
  • First of all, PLEASE for all of our sakes, educate your child on the events of September 11th because we are still witnessing the ramifications of this event. Yes, it happened 10 years ago, but it's still very relevant.
  • Next, it would be nice to teach these kids some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Seriously, this child was obviously not raised to know what the word even means. I wouldn't be surprised if he's not a contributing, upstanding citizen of our society one day. He needed the absolute crap beat out of him.
  • If you want to sway your children on who which political member to support, please please please give them at least one political reason to support them and not because of the color of their skin. If you don't, they'll just look like a complete ignorant idiot.
Can you believe I even had to witness this crap?! What a SHAME!


  1. Wow girl! That is crazy. I can't even believe that happened. I feel like 9/11 has been one of the things that I have changed my life the most. I am so sorry that you had to witness all that.

  2. The sad reality is that parents don't teach their kids about respect always. Regardless of political beliefs, this event united our country even though it was such a horrific tragedy. I can't believe these children have not been taught the magnitude or severity of this event and the reverence and respect they should have towards our country, our servicemen, our military and every single person or family member affected by 9/11.


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