Monday, September 5, 2011

My First Yarn Wreath!!

I saw another pretty yarn wreath:
Decor Chick's Yarn Wreath Tutorial
So I tried to make my own today on my last day not working! All the fabulous bloggers who have posted tutorials on yarn wreaths were right. You wrap yarn for a while! I so should have watched a movie while I did this. 

First, my friend Ale got me an 18" straw wreath from Michael's {Hobby Lobby didn't have straw wreaths!}. As you can see from this picture, straw got everywhere! To say me and the floor were covered in straw is an understatement, but I can see why you'd want to use straw vs. styrofoam- You pull pretty hard to make sure the yarn's tight, so the styrofoam might break!
I marked sections off with a marker to show me where to start & stop colors, then kind of just winged it!
I had no idea what the end result was going to look like, I just knew I wanted more yellow than any color. 

Ale was there to help me in the beginning, you know, to turn my yarn "ovals" into cute little balls of yarn. :) 
Hours later, I was done wrapping yarn!
Now I need to figure out some embellishments to add to it and figure out a place to hang it!
 Any ideas?

Next time I do this {and there will be a next time!} I am going to leave the plastic on the straw wreath to not make a complete mess!! 

And FYI- those specks in the brown yarn are creme-colored yarn pieces, not straw sticking out! I tried very hard to cover all the wreath with yarn! ;) 

Send me your {easy to do} embellishment suggestions!!

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