Thursday, September 8, 2011

Unproductive Blogging Evening

Basically I just spent over an hour looking at blog layout sites, searching for the perfect Fall blog background.. just to realize that I was so anal about my blog in the past that NO blog layout will look right with the way I've set up my margins, etc. Everything's all jacked up if I change the background so, I guess I'm just going to leave my muted zebra background from Cutest Blog on the Block.  I still love it, but wanted something different for Fall!! I will have to do what I can with what I was given... Alex would be so proud!! ;) Haha

Speaking of ol' Al.. I saw this blog entry on Shabby Blogs' blog {during my major search}  and it explained EXACTLY how I feel about him/us right now in this very moment, so I'll quote her for you:
I believe in never giving up and always giving more.  I believe in always.  I believe in us...him and and him.


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