Monday, October 24, 2011

Becoming an LPCA....

Can I just tell you how anxious I am to become an LPCA? I am so over the licensing board & their stupid timelines and requirements. Since July, they've made all applicants complete a Jurisprudence Exam. It's basically an online test of laws & statutes that relate to the counseling field. Let me just tell you- that was a $45 waste of time. You have no way to prepare for this exam, as the link to the board's webpage doesn't work. So you're basically best guessing your answer to these 55 questions, and after you're done, you have to "re-take" the questions you missed the first go-round. You basically keep answering the questions until you've got them all right and can print a Certificate of Completion. Are you kidding me? Seriously, this is a requirement for LPCA licensure!! That is so annoying and inconvenient and seriously a waste of $45.  Since I'm not licensed yet, I don't have $45 to waste on money-making requirements for a board that won't answer their telephone!

Can you tell I'm frustrated?

I am not nearly as frustrated about it as I seem, but is that not stupid?! I would be more frustrated if I wasn't approximately four weeks away from becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor- {Associate.} Provisional or not, I'll be able to have clients, do therapy, do clinical evaluations, and sign "LPCA" beside my work-related signatures. :) I am pretty excited about it!

Until then, I had Alex basically kill all my hopes & dreams of ever shopping again and work out a hardcore budget to last me until I get a raise for the rest of my life.  It's going to be hard but going to be SO worth it. It's so discouraging to have a personal conversation with homegirl at CFNC and extend your 10-year student loan(s) to 25 years just so it'll be under $800 A MONTH!!! Seriously, I don't know if my education is worth all that. All I know is I better love counseling and do it for a long, long time.

I think I might. :)

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