Sunday, February 19, 2012

My current financial to-dos.... {Yuck}

This is a bit personal, but a more realistic, and it's what's on my mind, and I just feel like sharing. :)
There's definitely some things I need to cross off of my to-do list in order for me to NOT feel like I have things looming above me, things holding me back, or whatever else negative I am feeling because of these things.

I really need to :::

Get my 2011 tax information together. This basically involves my Mary Kay business.  The lady who does my taxes wants things categorized a specific way, etc. and she was nice enough to show me last year how to best organize my information so that coming this year to get my taxes done would be easy peasy. So much for that. I got my taxes done last February for 2010. So I thought- I'm only 1 or 2 months behind with the whole "get my tax information organized" thing... I'll get that done & spend the rest of 2011 organized & stress-free. CHYEAH!! So much for that!! I SERIOUSLY spent a YEAR telling myself the SAME thing OVER and OVER. Seriously, something is wrong with me. With everything going on, as it often happens in life, I just chose things that were to be pushed to the back burner and dealt with later. And now look, I'm avoiding going to find out if I'm gonna have to pay or get paid, all because I procrastinated!!
Yeah, so, I seriously need to get on that.

I also need to get my student loan repayment information ready to go.  I owe about a billion dollars in student loans {joking but it's not funny} and I can not afford to spend $234,324,988.59 every month on MINIMUM PAYMENTS. Thanks but no thanks, government! BUT thanks to the handy Income-Based Repayment Plan, I can make sure that the sum of ALL my loans' minimum payments do not exceed 15% of my gross income!! That is a definitely silver lining!! It'll take me longer, but hey, at least I can buy food & gas. {Still joking but not funny.} The thing is- they make it SO hard and COMPLICATING for someone to get all the right paperwork done for them to be able to get on this IBR Plan. They know what they're doing and they are very very mean people.  I can NOT wait until the day I am DEBT FREE!! That WILL happen one day!! I am claiming victory over these student loans!! I may be 99 years old, but I will day!! Until then, I'm going to work to make sure my children won't have to deal with the same financial CRAP I've had to deal with.

If I can get those 2 things done, I will have a serious weight off of my shoulders. Then I can focus on paying off my credit card!! Living without income from May to the end of  September was ROUGH, and I had to take desperate measures to fill up my gas tank, buy myself food, pay bills, EVERYTHING. I stooped to putting items on credit  & am STILL paying for it.  I hate hate hate credit cards, know how they should & shouldn't be used, but zero income equals zero income. What else was I supposed to do?? I was driving back and forth 30 minutes a day to an unpaid internship for eight weeks, plus moving. Plus living life. Plus had bills to pay.  I KNOW, nothing but EXCUSES. But what's done is done and I will rejoice when I get this thing paid off!!! I just had to spend $700 on tires. That's a chunk of change and I had to save up to be able to do that. I'm proud I am able to do things like that, and thankful for friends who are able to save me about $300 {Yes, my tires were going to cost $1,000} but, I wish that money could have gone to pay off that STUPID credit card with a 20-something percent interest rate. UGH, I hate credit cards!

Did you notice that these 3 things that are super stressing me out are all financial? And I want to be a stay-at-home-wife/mom. HA! I need to be thanking the good Lord above that I have a j-o-b and PROBABLY looking for a second job!  (Yes, I know Mary Kay is a second job. We can discuss this later if you wish.)

PS: Is it silly of me to wish that I had a job as a cashier somewhere?
Anyone know anyone hiring? :)

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  1. Nicole, Jan taught me so much all those years getting my taxes done. You have a good plan, but I know how stressful all of this is. You can do it:)


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