Thursday, April 26, 2012

10,000 viewers!!!

How did I miss this event??
I have been waiting on this event since my blog hit 1,000 viewers.
I took a glimpse and realized that sometime in the last week, my blog has hit

This is a big deal to me...not quite sure why, but it is so I will do a little internal celebrating tonight! 

I started counting viewers in January 2010 but the website I use to count my statistics only shows me the past 52 weeks' information. Dumb. I don't know how many people viewed my blog before January 2010, but knowing that I started counting after I started my blog makes my heart smile knowing the number is even higher than it says! 

I selected the setting to count the number of individual people that visit my blog, not the number of times the public views my blog... that way I can say this many PEOPLE have seen it- and that just makes it a little more awesome!! 

Thank you, Blogger, for having a super convenient Pageviews link that gives you all kinds of stats on your blog.  I was curious, so I went to see which of my entries have gotten the most hits, and this is what I found:::

Thank you to all my friends and random people to have stumbled upon my blog! It's CRAZY to think that people from the USA, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Philippines, Australia, Ukraine, and the Netherlands have viewed my blog!! 

Keep on comin' back y'all! And comment, comment, comment! I love to get random comments from people I didn't know knew my blog existed. If you're one of those people, click that FOLLOW button and stay connected!! ;) 

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