Sunday, May 27, 2012


I am having some major Mary Kay $ALES!!

First off...until Thursday evening (no exceptions, so don't miss out!)...

This is NOT something that happens often [directors giving their consultants' customer's gifts for ordering] so get your gifts now while we're giving them away! Order for yourself, for someone else, or get a group of people together to put an order in! These are some GREAT gifts! The two new eyelash products are supposed to be a-mazing but I use all four other free gifts ALL the time and can tell you personally that they are GREAT gifts!! Stock up on your favorite products or look through your cosmetics now and see what you're going to need to re-order soon anyways, do it a little earlier, and get a free gift, or three! ;) 
Contact me at my *NEW* Mary Kay email address: to order, comment on this blog, or find me on Facebook or Twitter (nsykes0921) before it's too late!!

**Also, just to give you an idea- (For example) Order $50 and all of these free gift options are $30-$38 in value!! That's a deal!! No joke!! 

I'm having an inventory $ALE!!
Everything on this list below I have on-hand and can be yours for 25% off!
*These items on sale below aren't included in the My Director's Gone Crazy $ALE above, but you CAN order whatever you want to include in the sale above! I just have to order the stuff you order for the sale above and the stuff below I had on-hand.
Check this list out below & see if you want anything for 25% off! :)
Again,  you can contact me at my *NEW* Mary Kay email address: to order, comment on this blog, or find me on Facebook or Twitter (nsykes0921).

3-in-1 Cleanser- Normal/Dry
Acne Treatment Gel
Age Fighting Lip Primer
Age Fighting Moisturizer- Normal/Dry
Beauty Blotters Oil-Absorbing Tissues
Blush- Citrus Bloom
Compact Cheek Brush
Compact Mini
Compact Powder Brush
Concealer- Beige 1
Crème Lipstick- Red
Crème Lipstick- Shell
Day Solution 
Eye Applicators
Eyeliner- Black
Eyeliner- Deep Brown
Eyeliner- Olive
Eyescicles Eye Color- Island Bronze
Eyeshadow- Black Pearl
Eyeshadow- Blue Metal
Eyeshadow- Iris
Eyeshadow- Lemon Grass
Eyeshadow- Midnight Star
Eyeshadow- Precious Pink
Foundation Primer
FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE- Color Burst Mini Eye Brush Set
FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE- Premium Tweeze & Soothe Set
Liquid Lip Color- Cherry Coffee
Liquid Lip Color- Malted
Mineral Powder Brush
Mineral Powder Foundation- Beige 0.5
Mineral Powder Foundation- Beige 1
Mineral Powder Foundation- Beige 2
Mineral Powder Foundation- Bronze 3
Mineral Powder Foundation- Bronze 5 
Mineral Powder Foundation- Ivory 0.5 
Nourishine Lip Gloss- Berry Sparkle
Nourishine Lip Gloss- Fancy Nancy
Nourishine Lip Gloss- Starry
Oil Mattefier
Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
Satin Lips SET 
Subtle Tanning Lotion
Trial Miracle Set- Combination/Oily
Trial Miracle Set- Normal/Dry
Ultimate Mascara- Black
Waterproof Mascara- Black
Weekender Eye Pencil- Classic Navy
Weekender Eye Pencil- Sage
Weekender Eye Pencil- Turquoise Waters
Weekender Eye Pencil- White Wash 
Weekender Lip Pencil- Pink Sand

**$5 flat shipping rate on all orders, no matter what all you order! -- That is IF I have to ship it to ya, but I'll try to meet up with you to give you the order myself! :) 


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  1. Amazing Great and Easy To Do Tips.
    I'm just getting through major illness stuff (Yucky Ducky for the pass 3 years). I'm packing all of my inventory and checking expiration dates. I would say 50% is pass the expiration time. That is $3500 Retail Value. Never mind that...I am still here and standing!!! I have remained ACTIVE even when the hardest blows where thrown at me. I am extrememly grateful for my recruiter, director and National Sales Director and our entire Division. Yes, I am remaining anonoymous in this area. However, it is easy to find out!:-)

    Thank you Nicole for your diligence in research. Your Blog has been a life saver for me this morning since 2:30am. I must get organized and back to selling. I have placed you in your own folder in my favorites. That's Big News...which I will share with my team and upline.


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