Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving

I am loving...

My school I'm at and how nice & welcoming the staff have been to me.

The fact that the brakes on my car don't sound like straight up metal on metal anymore.

The weather outside! Cool, crisp mornings, 70something-degree weather on the way home that allows me to  roll the windows down, put my sungs on, & blast the radio on the backroads home! 

The fact that it took me 2 hours but I cuh-LEANED my car o-u-t! The inside of that thing's never been so clean! {The outside's still dirty, but, let's not talk about it.}

All things FALL ♥ 

The fact that my shows are coming soon! TV will take over my life in less than a month. {Thank God for DVR}

That me & my manski are working on improving physically and spiritually, together. ♥ 

That I realized if I run a little slower I can run longer. Who cares how fast I'm going? 

That my big 2-5 BIRTHDAY is in less than TWO weeks! It just hit me. September has gotten here too fast. 

That our mandatory all-day-on-a-Saturday training the day after my birthday was rescheduled. 

That my job offers a paid day off in your birthday month! My birthday's on a Friday and I opted to work on my birthday and take the following Monday off. Genius? I think so.

That I will be taking off the entire Thanksgiving AND Christmas holiday with the kiddos. That's what I get for not taking any vacay this year. :-)

That I'll have two months off next Summer. YES, I am LOVING that already.

Toms. I don't know why it's just now hitting me. But I have GOT to get a pair for my birthday. Now to figure out which pair...the black glittered ones {for those dressy slash casual days at work} or the burlap ones {great for fall}?!?!

The fact that I called Verizon today to ask why my iPhone's voicemail isn't working and the lady witnessed a glitch I was experiencing with my phone, transferred me to Tech Support, and the fab customer service rep said those seven magical words:  "We're just going to replace your iPhone." Apparently my phone cutting off EVERY time I try to talk on it isn't because I live in the boonedocks. It's because my phone's stupid. And iPhones aren't supposed to be stupid, they're supposed to be smart! And I am pretty excited about having a phone that works! 

What I'm hearing about the new iPhone 5 that I WILL be getting in December. Better start budgeting for that now... ;) 

And my new shampoo & conditioner that is working a MIRACLE on my hair and makes me smell like I just left the salon every day! 

I think that's it for now. I needed to remind myself of all I'm LOVING right now instead of harping on all the NON plans we have for this future wedding day of ours! :) Gotta love it! ;) 

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  1. I have those black glitter tops and I love them!


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