Sunday, February 21, 2010

my much needed time with friends and family! :)

The past few days have been filled with friends and family and I have absolutely enjoyed (almost) every minute of it! ;)

Thursday was Grey's night (of course) & I had Amanda & Mallory over! We had chocolate pudding in wine glasses and it was phenomenal, haha!

Friday I went to visit Pat in Charlotte, but not without running 23498372498 errands in Lincolnton first! I got to have breakfast with Ale, which was great because I love catching up with her! When I finally got to Charlotte, Pat & I went to get some Mexican to eat and then on our first trip to Ikea!! Needless to say (but I guess I will anyways) that I was more thrilled than he was...but he honestly didn't seem to mind!

Side note: Someone should have informed me of Ikea's processes before this day. We walked in upstairs to the furniture showcase rooms and had absolutely no idea what to do if we found something we wanted! I was scared to ask the guy, for whatever reason, so Pat did, haha! I also didn't know that you have to walk ALLLLLLL through the store to get what you came in there to get. I didn't have an agenda so it was interesting to see everything and go through the store with Pat as we commented on everything we saw. And no one told me that, for example, if you wanted a kitchen table, you had to write down on what aisle & section you found the tabletop, and then go find the legs (you can't forget the table legs- & again, no one was really around & there to tell us these things) & then take your info to the bottom somewhere & tell them what you want, they give the pieces to you, and you take it home and put it together. MAN, that sounds difficult. Good thing I didn't buy anything big. I luckily walked out of there only having spent $9. Dave Ramsey would have been proud.

Okay, that was a long side note. Anywho... I enjoyed talking with Pat, catching up on some things with him, and just hanging out, spending some time together! We don't get to do that nearly as often as I'd like!

Afterwards, I got to go see one of my best friends, who I had not seen in FOREVER! - Elizabeth :) .. We chit chatted on things going on in life, what our friends had been up to, and went to get some Japanese. (I ingested about 23948723894 calories that day- no wonder I was sick when I got home). I love Elizabeth and I had missed her so much! It's nice to know that time and distance can not separate two friends who truly care. :)

Friday night was supposed to be "date night" or something of the sort with Alex. Considering I didn't get back to Lincolnton until 10:30ish & had the WORST headache ever and felt like I was going to barf up the 23948723894 calories I had consumed, I kindly asked Alex if he would mind coming to see me at Mawmaw's before I went to bed. He didn't really argue or complain. I love that man! He understood how important it was for me to catch up with my long lost friend so he didn't say anything, even though I hadn't seen him all week and wouldn't be seeing him the next night (or so I thought), and came over to hang out with me for a little and search the house for headache medicine! He's a sweetheart when he wants to be. ;)

Saturday, Alex & my fabulous cousin Nick came to put a new desk in my room. MAN I wish I would have thought to take a "before" picture because my back room was a complete j-u-n-k room! Full of storage, dirty laundry, random pieces of things, this and that, whatever! It was a mess! It looks WONDERFUL now that I have a big desk to put things away in! I also about killed myself putting heavy boxes of storage in my cabinets ten feet in the air! That was a serious workout!

Saturday night Alex & I met Brandon and Meredith, Becky & Randall, & Matt at Dos Amigos in Hickory for dinner! What a fun group! I enjoyed it! I definitely impressed myself with my knowledge of season one Modern Family quotes! ;)

And last, Tori and I had a movie night at my apartment when I returned. She had never seen The Breakfast Club before so we HAD to watch it and let her know what everyone's talking about when they refer to that movie. I enjoyed it, again, and she seemed to too! :) Success!

I'm sure you couldn't care less about any of this stuff, but I just wanted to share with you details of my fun-filled extended weekend, filled with family & friends! :) I sure needed it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

I recommend not only having girlfriends, but SPENDING TIME with them, talking to them periodically on the phone, catching up! It's free therapy, a stress reliever, & just good ol' quality fun! :)

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