Saturday, March 6, 2010

texts from last night

So I read some funny texts from last night & found some that I could totally guess who they came from! The site's usually filled with inappropriate texts, but some are just too funny not to share! I searched local area codes & this is what I found:

980: I am making dinner, so you might want to actually come home tonight.
704: oh, you finally did the dishes then?
980: no, bought new ones
---I could soo see me saying that!---

704: soooo my gf got the droid and doesn't have BBM anymore, I think its over for her

704: he looks like a really good dad on facebook

704: I can make a handprint turkey for extra credit in history. I feel like the word college should be in quotes on the school letterhead

704: You ran away and I found you three blocks later lying by a dumpster because "that's where your life belongs"

704: One of my students just wrote an essay on how ninjas, like drug addicts, must realize they need help before they can get better...I gave it an A+

704: How do i ask the guy i made out with for 4 hours if he is gay? He keeps telling me i'm so adorable and that he had a "blasty"

980: How do I recover from singing "your body is a wonderland" on his voicemail?

980: you sent me the whole alphabet, one letter a text. it took me 15 minutes to read them all.

828: I had a terrible day! The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing Jack Bauers day was worse. 

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