Monday, March 22, 2010

You learn something new every day.

I have learned a lot here in the past week or two:

I have learned lately that when you forgive, you're not doing someone else any favors, but you're doing yourself a huge one!

I've learned I can get a lot done with the TV off.

I've learned that a clean home is a happy home.

I've learned that people actually read my blogs, and my posts on TMTGYTYD. I've also learned that that makes my heart smile! :)

I've learned that true friends can pick up where they left off after a long time of letting life get in the way.

I've learned that sometimes it's best just to end an argument with an ignorant person by ignoring their comments until they stop commenting. Otherwise you could be arguing for a loooooong time and get absolutely no where when you are "finished."

I've learned that my grandparents are awesome. and so is my Mom. {but I kind of already knew that}

I've learned that two people can see the same situation two completely different ways, and no one be wrong.

I've learned that some people are just meant to be in your life for a short while, for a specific purpose.

I've learned just because you're not best friends with someone anymore, doesn't mean you don't wish them the best and love them as a person.

I've learned that no matter how down in the dumps someone is, you can not help them if they are not willing to help themselves.

I have learned that Hank Baskett is an absolute doll and any woman would be extremely lucky to have her husband/boyfriend talk to and treat you the way he does Kendra. It really made me cry tonight! I'm rooting for those two.

I've learned that I need to clean my closet out and donate alllllllllll the stuff I NEVER wear!

I've learned that I feel prettiest with a tan.

I've learned that I have absolutely no idea what my future holds- but I KNOW WHO holds it and because of that, I am not worried!

I also learned I need a part-time JOB for the summer. If you know of anything in the Lincolnton/Hickory area, let me know! ;)

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