Thursday, April 8, 2010

Movies Movies Movies

So, I successfully got Alex to watch My Sister's Keeper, The Box, and Where The Wild Things Are. That's the good news. The bad news is I have currently got my "movie picking" rights revoked because he absolutely hated all three. I can't blame him about the later two but I mean, come on! How can you hate My Sister's Keeper?? Maybe it's because I told him how the book ended and he expected the same out of the movie, which had a complete opposite ending, but nevertheless...I'm on probation.

So! With that being said, I've had some girls nights lately to the movies and I am reminded of how much I LOVE watching movies. Why? I have no idea, but I like it! There's something about seeing emotion and love that razzes my berry, and reading a book just doesn't do it for me. Now, I'll still read the book {usually} but I still prefer the movie {usually}. If I ever read a good book, I'm always envisioning the movie in my head, even if there's not one! That's what I should do...make movies of good books I've read, because let me tell you- they're all fabulous movies in my head! :)

Okay, anyways...Mom, Laren, & I went & saw Why Did I Get Married Too and I absolutely loved it!! I am not a fan of all of Tyler Perry's movies but the first Why Did I Get Married and now this one are definitely ones to watch, especially if you are in some sort of long-term relationship! I of course am not married, but could totally relate to a lot of things in both of the movies.

If you haven't seen/heard of Why Did I Get Married, here's the trailer for it:

& here's the trailer for the new one, Why Did I Get Married Too:

Now, you KNOW I went & saw Nicholas Sparks' new movie, The Last Song! {because of the immense hopeless romantic I am}. I am SO proud of myself. I have the book but have not read the book yet and knew I was going to see the movie. I did not flip to the back and read the last chapter. I did not Google the book to find out what the movie would be about. I did NOTHING this time. Why I ever do those things, I don't know. I am SO impatient! Anyways, I really liked the movie and I actually cried!! {It takes a lot for me to cry in a movie.} Now, we aren't talking rolling in the aisles bawling my eyes out, but two tears definitely rolled down my cheek. ;)

Next on my list is: Sex & the City 2 {duh!} & Letters to God...

It's by the one of the producers of Fireproof and Facing The Giants so I know it'll be worth watching!

Mmm....I think that's it for now. :)

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