Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day & "fish pics!"

First, let me give a shout out to my awesome Mom and wish her a Happy Mother's Day! I know she ran around all over the place today but I hope she had a great day! We went to brunch first thing this morning at Cracker Barrel {OMG their french toast was A-MAZING!} and by the time we got out, hours had passed and she had to leave to drive to Charlotte to go visit Pat. I got to give her her present though and take her to brunch and spend some time with her, so, for that I am extremely thankful. I am so glad I got to spend a part of Mother's Day with my mother. I am blessed to have her as my mother and even more blessed to say that she's such a big part of my life today! She's an awesome lady, super hard working, and would do anything she could to help Pat and I out. I love her to death and don't know what I would do without her. I wish her all the happiness in the world. She deserves it so so much! ♥

So, after she left, I took a NICE nap until time to get up, get ready, and go meet Alex's family for a Mother's Day cookout. {Can I just say that I LOVE his family?!} But this blog isn't about the cookout, or his family {well, it kind of is...}, but it's about our FISHING fun!!

Alex caught the first fish of the day! :)
Then we came across TONS of baby frogs! They must have just hatched or something. To tell you there were TONS of frogs doesn't even cover it. Literally {not even exaggerating} there were thousands of tiny tiny tiny frogs all over the outline of that pond! Check out how little they were! {Click the pictures to see an enlarged view.}
Alex said something about "yeah there are tons of them, but hardly any of them will survive." I can't remember why he said that, but that's probably a good thing because CAN YOU IMAGINE alllllllllllllll those frogs hanging out in the area? Seriously, it'd be enough to drive someone crazy! I also found a "school" {?} of tadpoles too...tons of them...but here's a shot of one group...
Seriously- just begin to envision the plague of frogs we'd have on our hands if all of these survived.

Okay, here's some more shots of the evening...

Here's Wesley, Alex's cousin. Jeez Louise let me tell you something! The boy probably caught 20 fish while were were fishing at their pond! "It's all in the reel" haha... We all thought he was in a "bed" of fish or something, but he proved us wrong but moving to another area of the pond and {again} almost immediately catching another fish. One {dumb} fish he caught twice because he "recognized" it {hahaha} and noticed it's lip was bleeding in another area. {Which led to a discussion of "branding fish" haha but anyways...} We kept telling Wesley we were going to submit him to "Fish Pics," which is pictures of people and the fish they catch on the local news. Either that or sign him up for a professional fishing tournament! I mean, the boy was on FIRE!

That's Drew's {Alex's brother} dog, Weezy. I thought this picture was hilarious!

Funny story behind this picture --> : Olivia {Alex's cousin} caught this fish and was attempting to get the hook out of it's mouth, when it went crazy on her, flipping around like crazy...which, of course, led to her dropping it in the sand!! Not digging how fish feel, Olivia decides, and tells us, "I'm just gonna leave it there." hahahaha...she cracks me up!! {PETA: Don't worry, we thought about it for a second, decided we couldn't leave a fish in the sand, saved it, and watched it swim away, slowly.}

Gosh what a beautiful and fun evening....if only I would have stopped SNEEZING! ;) Darn you, allergies!!

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