Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Makeup!

I can't believe it...but I left North Lake mall Saturday with MORE makeup!

Homegirl did a makeover on me. I asked for an everyday look she could sort of teach me to do. Well, that's what I got! So for that, I can't complain.

I was on a BUDGET though, so I had to be sensible when doing this makeover. I brought my current most-used makeup products with me, to prevent me from buying something I already had. 

I recently got foundation and concealer at Target, so, I'm still trying them out. She used the concealer on me that I had but then tried some Make Up For Ever HD foundation and powder on me. Since I just bought foundation, I didn't purchase the foundation she used on me, but I did buy the HD finishing powder.

 It is a translucent microfinishing powder that will fit any skin tone.  It sets foundation and slightly mattes skin without changing its natural contours. It's so soft, maybe even softer than something like baby powder {but obviously it's translucent}. It just leaves a flawless look over top your foundation. I like it so far! My only pet peeve is with any type of mineral makeup or powder, I feel like it gets everywhere {all over my counter as I'm tapping it out of the container and into the lid or onto the brush}. I feel like I waste so much product! 

I am big on eye makeup, especially eye liner and mascara. If I am not wearing at least mascara, people will start to ask me what's wrong, or tell me I look sick! haha.... It's amazing how a little mascara can make your face look drastically different! Anyways, I told homegirl {who did my makeover} that I had an issue with my current eyeliner and that was that it always "came on" really thick and I looked like a raccoon! She showed me a new technique that really works to make your lines thinner! If I was awesome like Tiffany D then I would do a little video for you to show you, but.. I'm not, so I can't, so I won't. :) 

Another pet peeve of mine I have is having my bottom eyeliner or mascara {yep, just one eye} not run, but almost like smudge, or hit my cheek as I smile or something, and it looks a bit raccooney. She suggested using some primer to set the liner and mascara. I eventually wanted Benefit's Stay don't Stray because it doubles as an eye shadow primer and a concealer, but it was $28 alone so, I didn't. I spent my money on other things! :) I told homegirl about the eye shadow primer I had recently bought. I wanted to try something out before I got Benefit's Stay Don't Stray, to see if I could find something that worked, for cheaper! So I headed to Victoria's Secret of all places and bought some of their eye shadow primer for, get this, $8! I was thrilled! I was even more thrilled to see that the stuff actually works!

I've been trying to apply it to my lashes and eye line to prevent the running in that one eye, ha, but, my allergy fit at the pond last night definitely kicked my sweet little primer's butt. :/ But! It serves it's purpose for keeping my eye shadow on for a long time. So, it gets an A in my book! I've been watching some YouTube makeup reviews and it is totally comparable to Too Faced Shadow Insurance which runs for around $17! {FYI}

Hmm...what was next?? OH! So I was telling homegirl about wanting to keep my bottom eyeliner in place & wanting thinner lines. She explained to me how normal it was for people to wear one type of eyeliner on their top lid and another type on their bottom lid. That's what she did on me and these were two products she had me sold on.

The first one she used on my top lid with an eyeliner brush- which she was very helpful in assisting me master my technique! ;) She used Smashbox's cream eye liner in Caviar. Basically it looks like this --> but in jet black! It goes on smooth & lasts a long time! I've heard so many makeup fanatics rant and rave about Smashbox, and now I have some Smashbox products of my own. I hope this doesn't start a trend. :)

But, it might...because as I was checking out the "sample area" I came across another Smashbox product- their Photo Finish foundation primer. I have heard so so so many good things about this stuff. Apparently it keeps your makeup going strong all day long! Smashbox products are a bit pricey {I'm not gonna lie} so I surely wasn't going to buy any foundation primer, until I saw the sample size.

Honestly, homegirl used it on my skin and I could tell a definite difference of the texture of my skin before she put any foundation on. I liked the stuff! I just didn't want to pay $36-$49 {depending on if you bought 1 oz or 2 oz}. Since I was just trying the stuff out, I bought the sample size, which is 0.5 oz. for $16! I thought that was a good deal, considering I'm just trying the stuff out. Can I just say that I love Sephora's little sample section?! It's great for trying things out for cheap{er than usual}.

I also tried out Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara for less than $10. The guy at the counter was telling Jodi & I about how it comes off in tiny little tubes, won't clump and is weather proof. I had heard good things about Too Faced products before, so I thought what the heck! and tried it out.

I am rotating now between that and Benefit's Bad Gal mascara {which I also got in a sample size for less than $10!} My friend Amber said she used it in her wedding, so I thought, hey! That must be good stuff she trusted! It has a huge wand so I know my lashes will be big and bold using it. I'm digging it as well. :) Now that I put pictures of both of my new mascaras up, I see their packaging looks a lot alike. Don't you think?? Interesting!

But anyways...like I said, she used one type of eyeliner on my upper lid, and another type on my lower lid. She used a pencil on my lower lid. She used {and I bought} this --> 
Sephora's Keep Kohl! waterproof eyeliner. I got it in "Keep Black." Sephora's website describes it as a "deeply pigmented, richly-hued pencil that smooths on in seconds and stays put all day- even through a good cry or a quick dip." I actually did a double take when blogging about this, because all I can remember is last night, sneezing 2346345 times at the pond, and my eyes watering ALL over my face. My mascara didn't run, but {it must have been} my eyeliner that smudged a bit during my allergy attack. I thought to myself, "Man! I should have bought the waterproof, and then I looked at the eyeliner, and I DID!" Dang...I guess my allergy attack would consider to be more than "a good cry or a quick dip" haha...Oh well, while I'm NOT going sneeze-crazy, the stuff works and looks good!

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  1. keep me updated on the MUFE high definition powder--i want to try that... i thought about getting the sample size from sephora before i buy a big thing of it... and i need to know more about this eyeliner trick.. : )


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