Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alex's 24th Birthday!

So, I am thankful that I get to spend yet another one of Alex's birthdays with him...I think this is the 7th one! :) Alex is not as big of a fan of birthdays as I am, but this year, I'd say he's celebrating quite a bit. Thursday was his actual birthday and he had to WORK all day. He knows he has to get used to that. He's a workin' man now & we are both still so thankful for his job! So, Thursday after he got off work, I accompanied Alex to the gym.

Side note: At the gym I ran a mile straight for the first time in my life! I always run .2 or .3 and then speed walk for a break, then do another .2 or .3 and so on...but this time something came over me and I pushed myself to do a mile straight! I was so proud of myself. I know that may mean absolutely nothing to most of you, because you do that all the time, but it was my first time and I was proud of myself. After that {I was about to die!} Alex and I did the gym's Abs class for half an hour, then I lifted some weights before heading home. What a productive day at the gym! :)

Later that evening, I went over to Alex's for cake to give him his birthday present and to hang out with my birthday boy for a while before his grandpa of a bedtime. With all this work I'm doing lately for psychopathology, the only time Alex and I usually see each other during the week is at the gym! How sad it that?! Especially since we are living in the same city for the summer {for the most part anyways}.

Anyways, I got Alex an Armanti Edwards Carolina Panthers jersey. In case you don't know who Armanti Edwards is...he was the quarterback of Appalachian State University {where Alex and I went to college} and led them to 3 back-to-back{-to back!} national championships {the 3 years I actually attended AppState}! Just look him up on Google or YouTube. I'm not gonna lie....the videos are pretty cool.

Side note: When I got the opportunity I definitely had to snap a shot with the future Carolina Panther...

So anyways....Alex is a HUGE AppState fan, a HUGE Armanti fan, and a HUGE Carolina Panthers fan. Well, can you imagine how happy Alex was when he found out that Armanti Edwards is now a Carolina Panthers wide receiver?!

If you know me, you know I don't VOLUNTARILY spend my time watching sports on TV. Well, now I might have to.

Anyways, he LOVED his present, even though he found out what he was getting when I found him in the process of buying himself one on My presents to him are always a bust somehow or another. I hate that! I blame Alex {of course}. :)

Friday night we went out to eat with his family to Olive Garden and then went with Drew {Alex's brother} & Ashton {Drew's girlfriend}  to see the new movie The A-Team. I thought I'd be disappointed with it, but let me tell you, that this was action-packed AND HILARIOUS. I laughed the whole time! I'd definitely watch it again.

Tonight Alex and his boyfriends are having a boys night to celebrate his birthday while some of us girls go to Charlotte for our friend Meredith's bachelorette party! It should  be fun!

Like I said, for someone who "isn't into birthdays" sure is celebrating 3 days in a row this year! I'm glad for him though....wishing him all the happiness in the world because he's my favorite guy, deserving the best!! Love you Alex! ♥

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