Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex & the City 2

Click here to read the funniest, most real, {yet sad to admit, true} review on Sex & the City 2. SPOILER ALERT! {But like they said, all the true fans already know what happened anyways.} For the record: let me say that I am SO glad I saw it and I could NOT wait to see it. I'd call it "good" but it was definitely not as good as the first. The writers took our girls, whose lives revolve around NYC & took them to the Middle East. That was problemo numero uno in my eyes. Sad stuff... 

Either way, I loooove me some Sex & the City. Definitely needing to kick my marathon back up! Who wants to lend me their seasons on DVD? Oh wait, I'm taking Psychopathology right now. I'll ask again in August! :)

Love these girls..

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