Friday, November 5, 2010

Preparing for the end

So, guess what I am doing.
I'm studying for & taking the CPCE (Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination). 

"Comprehensive Exam"...two of my least favorite words!

When am I taking it?
This Tuesday.

When did I figure out I needed to take it this Tuesday instead of in April?
On Wednesday. 

When did I get permission to take it this late in the game?

When did I purchase the review book?

Holy crap! So what does that mean? I have four "full" days, minus class & work and meetings, to study for this "comprehensive exam." Again, let me reiterate... Holy crap! 

So, that's what I've been doing....all day today.
Ok, well, since about 3:30 today, and not while eating dinner at Chili's. :) 

Some people (almost everyone else taking this CPCE Tuesday) have been studying for this test for weeks/months. The review book is a 1,050-question review book. It's massive! But it's a decent read, thank the LORD! 

Something funny I read tonight in it:
Pica is a condition in which a person wishes to eat items that are not food (i.e., the item has no nutritional value), such as consuming a pencil or perhaps a watch band. Just in case you're wondering, fast-food consumption is not considered a sign of pica in our society--yet!
Haha...good one! :) I appreciate the author's attempt at making this dreadful material interesting. It's info like, "Who is the father of career counseling?" and stuff of the sort. It's not anything I need to know to help a client in need- so don't worry, you future clients of mine, you. :) 

I know people in the past that have studied their butts off, only to go take the exam and not feel prepared whatsoever. So what I'm going to do is just read as much as I can until Tuesday morning, and see what happens. Oh, and ask for your prayers! 

Worse case scenario: I don't pass it and re-take it in April.
Seriously, I'm not that worried about it.
Maybe I should be.

Watch, I'm going to regret being such a horrible student.

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