Monday, December 27, 2010

Homemade Hand Scrub

So my friend and classmate, Monica, told me of this really great Christmas gift idea. I know, it's after Christmas & I'm just now getting around to telling you this...but you'll have to forgive me & use this as a present for....whatever holiday of yours is next on the list! ;)

I was a little Christmas elf this year, "cooking" up some homemade hand scrub for some ladies on my Christmas list. It was super simple & such a great idea! Thanks Monica!

All it takes is 2 ingredients, a container, & some ribbon! 

First, take some lavender scented Epsom salt (however much you want)...

Note: I only found it at 2 places... Walgreen's had some of their brand, a 3 lb. bag for $4-$5. Target also had some, but you would have never known it! It's not with the other Epsom was in the beauty section! If you're at Target and looking for it, just go ahead, find an associate, head to the beauty aisle...and look for this:
It's also a 3 lb. bag for $4-$5 (can't remember exactly how much). I prefer the Dr. Teal's because the crystals are a little larger and the scent is definitely more powerful, I mean...relaxing.  :)

Ok, so you take your Epsom salt, and mix it with extra virgin olive oil! There's no certain amount...put as much as you prefer in there to mix with the salts!

Place in a container and add a cute ribbon for good measure and voila! You have a really cute, practical, sweet smelling gift!

I found these containers at Hobby Lobby for $1.99-$2.99 each depending on the size....and, of course, Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale going I purchased them for half off!

I also am NOT a "bow maker" by any I was sure to purchase some ribbon (also 50% off at Hobby Lobby) with some wire ends. That way I could just wrap it around the container, double-tie it tight, and cut the ends off short & "sculpt" them into something that resembled a bow{tie}. :)

I have never been a crafy girl but this was fun, inexpensive, and a thoughtful gift for some great ladies!

Not forgetting to mention that it makes you hands SUPER soft. Just grab some scrub, scrub your hands with it, and rinse! It's as simple as that. Enjoy!!!

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