Friday, January 14, 2011

365 Project: Day 2: Baby gets a bath

Baby got a bath, hated me for a solid hour, but then was the happiest dog afterward. This is how it always goes. She shivers in the tub the whole time out of fear {like I've tried to drown her before or something!} and then won't look at me for a good period of time after I get her out of the tub. Anyways, this is her, after her bath. Looking like a wet dog but can we PLEASE focus on the size of her pupils?! Geez Louise!!

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  1. We have the same problem with one of our dogs. We have to carry him into the bathroom and then start running water because if he hears the water running before he's confined to the bathroom then he hides and it's impossible to get him in otherwise. Carrying him is a bit of a challenge because he's 80 lbs. and then he splays out his legs and claws so it's like trying to put an octopus in the tub. Then- he pouts about it while you're washing him, as if you were washing him with acid. It's a fun experience. It's also why he hasn't had a bath in about... 8 months. Luckily he's like a cartoon dog that can just shake off dirt and mud and coat is always glistening-ly clean.


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