Friday, January 14, 2011

Just a Thursday evening-o-fun!

Today started off so negative & ended on such a good note! THANK GOD! I woke up hurting before I even got out of the bed. Well, I guess that's the definition of "woke up" (still being in the bed, ya know) but moving on... three Aleves and a pain pill later and I was Good. To. Go. I got my errands ran & bought a pretty piece of jewelry from Tori's Premier Jewelry party. My sweet friend, Tori, has supported me through my Premier party & also to my Mary Kay party, so, I must also support her & her attempt to get some pretty {and free!} jewelry! If you are interested in hosting a Premier party, let me know & I will give you the contact info of Jaime, Alex's cousin who sells it. :)

I also gave a new friend, Carlee Carpenter, her free Mary Kay facial tonight! Yep, that's right! 100% free! I really enjoyed it, getting to know a little about her, chit chatting about makeup, teaching techniques I've learned over the years & letting her try something new with her makeup! She looked great! I love helping making girls feel fabulous! And that helps me with my goal to do 30 faces in 30, hit me up for YOUR free facial!! :)

Meet Carlee :)

The night then ended with my boy RAs coming for a visit to entertain me. No actually, they wanted a free facial...but, I won't get into all that because I told them I wouldn't. But, they were fun to hang out with! They spent the night going through my iPod, telling me "You don't know about no {insert old artist here}" me scenarios of me listening to certain bands...for example, "This is Nicole, driving down the road, mad, listening to {insert rock band name here}." Bradley & all of his masculinity stopped by for a bit, while we waited on Maria to come watch Jersey Shore with us. Bradley's my new RA & quite a hoot!
Michael, Tyler, & Bradley - Ike security! LOL

Jersey Shore wasn't nearly as good as it was last week...but, it sparked some good convo between the four of us! Haha! Which reminds me to say: I sure am thankful that I am in a committed relationship with a trustworthy guy! I can not imagine living in paranoia, fear, and worry that I will be cheated on. Some of y'all girls out there, I don't know how you do it.

Ahh... how a positive attitude and a little pain pill can brighten a girl's day!! :) I am thankful it quickly turned around....I would have missed out on some fun for sure!!

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