Friday, January 7, 2011

it's the small things....

This wasn't a New Years resolution for me, although it may seem like one....but I am doing something I should have been doing for years. I am changing the way I look at certain situations and finding the small blessings that God provides me each day! Sounds simple, but at certain times it's hard to do- but don't worry...God has blessed me time and time again for it. I feel like I should journal these things each and every day so I can go back and look at what I usually would have gotten ill at, and then saw how God turned the situation into blessings in disguise! However, let's be realistic. I always start a journal & never continue it. Why? I don't know because I think the idea is awesome. Maybe I don't do it until I'm sleepy, or maybe I get to writing too  much then get overwhelmed, maybe I just forget about it, or maybe, just maybe, I am too lazy. Either way, I *think* about journaling, but since I don't actually journal, I am hoping I keep a good memory of God's daily mercies. And like I's the small things!! For example, yesterday I was a little ill at a friend, but reminded myself to be empathetic. When I did that, I realized the blessing in things not going exactly my way and learned I will benefit more from this thing that made me ill in the first place. Thanking God for this thing was the right thing to do. He was behind it all. He is looking after me and my best interests and I must always remember that. And then, I went into Office Max to print my fabulous Mary Kay director, Dana Andrews, her planner and the guy behind the counter asked me if I had my Mary Kay discount card. Not having a clue what he was talking about, he told me that Mary Kay consultants get {pretty nice} discount at Office Max!! That is AWESOME news!! I am always loving a discount...and it comes in handy with my new planner business! ;) I feel like that was a {not so} random blessing!! It's not huge news, but it was happy news that  brightened my day! I am excited to see what this day will bring!!

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