Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy January 4th

Beware: this post is a cheesy love post. Continue reading if you can stand it.

This day, eight years ago, I told my best friend that I would be his girlfriend. I knew the day was coming because about a month before he kissed me and I just *knew* that he would not break my heart because like I said...we were best friends. We were inseparable. Everyone joked and said we should date but for the longest time we said, "Why would we date? We are just friends. We are too good of friends!" Everyone else knew better. They knew the day was coming when Alex would be "Nicole's boyfriend" and Nicole would be "Alex's girlfriend" before we knew it. But either way, they were right, and I am happy they were right!

 Summer 2002 - our first picture - JUST friends :)

I am not going to lie and say Alex and I were the most sweetest, loving high school couple ever. We weren't. We fought about stupid stuff and broke up here and there, only to get back together shortly afterwards. We were YOUNG. I need to remember that. We weren't "let's get married" serious. We were dumb about the way we handled things and had no idea what a "real" relationship was built on at that time. We just knew we wanted to be together. I think we loved each other before we started dating. It just made sense for us to start dating. That's what friends who love each other do.

Fall 2002 - Friends, in love :)

But were we thinking about the future? Not on January 4th, 2003 we weren't. Or at least I don't think we were. But if friends who love each other date, then what? Do friends who love each other date and then break up? {In our case yes, lol} but if the love and the friendship is strong enough then nothing can separate them. Okay, well maybe SOME things can at a point in time, but in the end, nothing.

Here we are....eight years later, together. All the fusses, fights, arguments, separations, other people, space {and the list goes on} were not able to pull us apart and keep us apart. And that's what matters. This is one of the reasons why I am a firm believer in "What is meant to be, will be." It's not because I love cheesy love quotes {and I do love me some cheesy love quotes} but I also REALLY believe it. I've been shown that what God wants together, He provides a way to bring together.

I love Alex. He's my best friend, still. Sure, we still fight. Who doesn't? But there's a tremendous difference in then and now, thank God!! We are GROWING. We are still a work in progress and probably always will be. But one good thing is...is that I get to *continue to* grow up with my best friend by my side, no matter what.

I am a lucky girl and I need to remember that! :) 
We both look SO different. That's what 8 years will do to ya!

Happy January 4th, Alex! {Even though you will probably never see this!} :)

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