Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday "Morning" Blogging

The maintenance men are here replacing all the lights in my apartment so, I am trying to pass the time by catching up on some blogging! I really don't want to leave, and I can't shower, and I can't watch TV because they're loud, so.. on with the blogging! :)

So, like I said in my previous blog...last week was a busy one for me! I knew it would be a doozy so I spent as much time as possible at home on Sunday & Monday. There's just something that eases my mind being at home. I say my apartment is my temporary home because it's where my stuff is. But stuff isn't what makes a's the people. Unfortunately, I like for my stuff and my people to be in the same place- and that's not the case right now and it won't be for at least the next 16 weeks...and I'm okay with that {for the next 16 weeks}. But I must say that I can not wait to graduate and move my stuff closer to my people. And I say that not only for the obvious reason(s), but also because any time I go home I seriously over-pack and it is SUCH a hassle to go anywhere overnight.

Now, I started my internship this week! Or, rather, I started my internship hours this week. I mainly spent the week proctoring EOC exams, which is a completely boring but necessary task so, I did it. :) I woke up at 5:30 every day but Monday this week and please let me tell is kicking. my. butt! Y'all know me....I am NOT a morning person and I can't ever manage to get to sleep before midnight {at the least}. So, you can imagine what I've been like this week waking up at 5:30 and working until 11pm one night, class until 9:30 another, and the usual RD nightly shenanigans. I have been starting to take Melatonin to get me sleepy and keep me sleeping throughout the night {or, as I should more correctly say: throughout the 3-5 hours of sleep I've been getting.} But this week the students at Maiden High School will receive a needs assessment asking who wants to start seeing me for individual or group counseling and then the following week I will have to get a serious move on so I can complete my 150 direct hours before April 22nd. Eek! It'll be okay though...I love Maiden & interning there!

This week will be a lot less crazy of a week and I thank God for that. I get to sleep in again!! Monday & Tuesday were originally teacher workdays to prepare for the new semester starting this week so, I will not be interning Monday and Tuesday. I'll have to take this time to finally finish taking my Christmas decorations down, go to the gym, rest up, work on some school work, and hopefully schedule some Mary Kay facials. I am going to try to enjoy every minute of it!!

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  1. I suggest trying some Sleepy Time or Sleepy Time Extra Tea. It's like natural Ambien to me!

    If that doesn't work- you can always go with liquid Valerian Root. It tastes terrible; but it will help ease you into sleep a little easier!


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