Friday, February 25, 2011

11 more weeks

11 more weeks. That's it. That's all I've got left in me. I knew this semester would be hard but I didn't realize how much my body and my spirits and my apartment would suffer during this time. From last Thursday until today, I hadn't been at my apartment to do anything other than eat or sleep or shower and get ready. Seriously. Not exaggerating. So what does that mean? A hot dog mess is what it means when you are talking about the condition of my apartment! But it means that I counted down the days & hours until I left my internship on Thursday and could come home and tackle my apartment. What did I do instead?

Well, I broke a nail at my internship today so I first took my fake nails{courtesy of my fab boyfriend for part of my Christmas present that I just now took the time to do for myself} off and if you've ever done it yourself before you know it's a process if you want to do it right. I don't find that a waste of time because I was missing a nail and saved money by not going to the nail salon and paying for them to do the same exact thing I did. So, that was done.

On the way home I stopped to tan in the most fabulous tanning bed I have ever used. It's hot as freaking youknowwhere and they have an A/C unit in the room with the bed because it just gets so dang hot in there! It's 100% bronzing bulbs so you will not burn using it, which is great... and it has a MASSAGER on it! Ever heard of that, because I sure never had before?! Dumb thing is though, whatever genius designed it wasn't thinking that the white leather bottom of the bed gets freaking HOT and you need to lay a towel down so you don't get 7th degree burns. {Obviously exaggerating but you get my point.} I froze my account while I was there so my half month of tanning in great beds & trying out Mystic {spray} tanning is almost over. What a deal I got though! $40 for unlimited usage in any bed AND spray tanning! Gonna miss that for sure...

Anyways, so.. tanned on the way home, took my nails off when I got here.. then got in the shower because I smelled fried.. then took a 2 hour nap, WITH my hair still wet. So you know what that means. I was ex-haus-ted!!

Something's. Gotta. Give.

I wanna say "Is it May yet?" but all day yesterday I thought it was Thursday & all day today I thought it was Friday, so, no Nicole, it's not May yet.

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