Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair Extensions

I am watching The Lincoln Lawyer with my Mom and researching hair extensions. Maybe I can get them for an early birthday present. Either way, I'm seriously considering getting them.

I have some clip-in hair extensions. True story: I bought some hair at Sally's and had my friend Jessica help me cut it to fit my head, sew the clips on the hair, and cut them to fit my hair.
I went from this...

to this...
I know it wasn't the most drastic change ever, but it was fabulous!! It gave me the length I wanted and my hair was oh so thick!! 

I would put them back in my hair.... but my hair's this color now...
Same dress in the pic to give you a more of an accurate before & after! Haha! My hair was recently cut and it's not this long, and it has been thinned out and well, I just can't wait five years for it to grow as long as I want it to get!

I've been researching online the pros and cons of various types of extensions. This site was informative, as well as this site, and the Kardashian girls' websites were little help FYI. Haha! I want to know what type of extensions they get. I am IN LOVE with their hair. Kourtney is the only one that blogged about getting extensions and  I did see this picture of her getting extensions sewn in, so obviously that's the type she uses.
It seems like the most healthy for your hair but I still haven't decided what type I want yet.

What do you know about hair extensions?
Ever tried them?
Send me any personal info you have on the subject. It's an investment and I don't want to jack my hair up!

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