Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My 1st Vi Shake!!

My doctor told  me I need to quit wasting time doing weights {right now} & {in a nutshell} do cardio & lots of it! I need to improve the circulation in my legs, as they are looking worse & worse lately. :( SO! That's what I've been doing...

I've worked myself up to an HOUR on the elliptical today!! I did it using the "Variety" program the elliptical at the gym has. I did 4.7 miles and burnt 500 calories in that hour!! It felt GREAT!! I wasn't tired or anything after my workout, which is unusual for me.

Is it a coincidence that I had the energy to do that after I had my first Vi Shake?!? I sure hope not!

This morning I woke up super late {loving the chance to do that, by the way!} so I had a brunch shake for my first shake. I made a banana & chocolate shake. For this shake, I used:
  • 2 scoops of the shake mix
  • 8oz. vanilla soy milk
  • 1 tbsp of Nestle cocoa powder {I heard it was a good replacement for the chocolate flavor mix}
  • 1 banana
  • & some ice!

Mom tried her first Vi Shake today too!! She just used the Silk Light chocolate soy milk and the 2 scoops of mix. I'm not gonna lie...it tasted a lot like a SlimFast {the powder kind, not the already mixed liquid kind}. She liked it though but is excited about adding fruit & things to her next shake(s).

My 1st Vi Shake!
Also, I'm gonna be honest...mine was a little "off." I don't know if it's because of the type of cocoa mix I used, or if I used too much, or if I didn't use enough ice, or what. It was good...it just wasn't great!! The reason why I ordered Vi Shakes are because I tasted them and they were YUMMY! I just have to figure out "my" way to make them. I know you can add ice, or not, or blend longer to make it thicker, etc. I've just got to figure out what ingredients and type of milk I like best and then get to taste-testing!! 

I am super excited about trying another type tomorrow!! I think I'm going to try vanilla soy milk and strawberries!! Yum!!

OH! And I also measured myself today for the first time. I forgot to weigh myself but I'll do that tomorrow. Don't think I'm sharing those measurements with you all. I'll think about it once I've lost a lot of inches! ;) I am excited about tracking my progress!! I care WAY more about inches rather than pounds, although I would love to {eventually} lose 30 lbs!! Just fit me in all my jeans in time for fall .

Want to try Vi Shakes??? Watch the videos about ViSalus and click "Join the Challenge!" at http://nsykes.bodybyvi.com 

& Click Here to all my blog posts about my experience with Vi Shakes!!

***UPDATE!***  Sweet Ashley from Life with Busy Bea informed me that the "offness" of my shake may be due to the Wal-Mart brand soy milk I bought. She said soy milks vary GREATLY in brands. I've never had soy or almond milk so I didn't know. Alex was just being his usual cheap frugal self and talked me into saving a whopping $0.50 by not getting the Silk brand. I'll have to remember that & just thought I would share that with my fellow VI Shakers!!! :)

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