Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vi Shakes vs. SlimFast shakes!!

Check out this site to see a comparison of Vi Shakes vs. SlimFast shakes!! I used to drink SlimFast shakes...the powder kind you have to mix with milk, not the liquid kind already mixed...and I can honestly tell you that I will NEVER drink another SlimFast again!!!

Want to try Vi Shakes??? Watch the videos about ViSalus and click "Join the Challenge!" at http://nsykes.bodybyvi.com 

& Click Here to all my blog posts about my experience with Vi Shakes!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been looking for a good soy protein mix and this sounds awesome. I noticed there is a number on the site to order from. Did you order yours or can you find it in a GNC?

  2. Go to http://nsykes.bodybyvi.com to order!! You can only buy them online. (I'm gonna have to update my blogs about Vi Shakes to include that link!) Is your Facebook not flooded with info on Vi Shakes?! Idk where you are living now, but I am having a taste test party Tuesday at 7pm in Lincolnton! You should come! They are SO good!


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