Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I, like so many of you, am LOVING this weather!! My all-time favorite season is Fall and it is fast approaching, and you can tell!! I am loving these cooler days, cooler nights, the breeze blowing and not having to worry about so much dang humidity!! It's only a matter of time before all of the trees look {something} like this:
I. can. not. WAIT!!!!

I am loving {the idea of} Mello Yello Zero. Soft drinks account for so much of us Southerners' caloric intake, but we can't seem to shake it. I personally hate the taste of diet soft drinks. The taste of Mello Yello Zero isn't my favorite {nothing can compare to the real thing} but the idea of it makes me smile. I bought a 12-pack and am hoping to finish them before Christmas. ;)

I am loving all this TIME that I have. Oh wait...before I go there... I am loving the fact that I got a JOB! I don't think I've told you {blog followers} that yet! Yes, I got a job for the agency that I interned at this summer, Support Incorporated. I LOVE the company and everyone there so I can't wait to start working for them! I consider it all such a blessing. :)

I am loving Mary Kay's new Lash Love Mascara!! I thought our Ultimate Mascara was amazing... yeah, I don't think I've opened mine since I got the new Lash Love Mascara! That tells you something! You have GOT to try it! If you want to try it, let me know. It's $15 & comes in black & brown!  Email me at or order at  Check out this before & after picture... {or, well the after & before picture}:
The proof is in the photos! Try it for yourself! AND, Mary Kay is offering a Limited Edition Lash Love Bundle. The Lash Love mascara {in black} with an Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover {best stuff ever} with an eyelash curler for $30! I'm not gonna lie...the mascara's $15 and the eye makeup remover's $15- so if you buy both you get a free eyelash curler!! Not bad though considering these are two amazing products!!

What are you loving this Wednesday?

Side note: I'm such a geek but I wish more of my friends blogged. :)

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