Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy September!!

Well, it's here! The beginning of my two favorite months of the year, September & October! They both tie for first place in my eyes. :) They begin the month of FALL, which is my absolute FAVORITE, and I look forward to September & October all. year. long! Unfortunately, football season has started...but I won't let that get me down!! ;) September brings back sooo many fond memories for me. September is a romantic month, didn't you know?! It's also a fun month AND it includes *M*Y*  *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!* Yep, that's right! This girl will be the BIG 2-4 this year & I am looking forward to it!

I'm gonna take a stroll down memory lane for a second if you don't mind. ;) September 2010 was good to me.
My best friend got MARRIED! Wasn't she GORGEOUS?!

Jodi & I spent long nights in class, surviving off Cheetos & Mountain Dew

The boyfriend took me to Gaffney for some $hopping & Outback for my birthday

My sweet residents decorated my door for my birthday

Maria, Tori, Me & Jonathan {The LR Resident Directors} celebrating!
"Panther's Game" in the rain with Alex...we never even made it in but we got this cute pic! :)

Now I look forward to this September SO much!! I start my new job & will get my first real paycheck!! I will celebrate my 24th birthday. I will feel the weather cool down and I will break out my cardigans! I will spend my Friday nights at hometown football games cheering on my baby cousin! I will keep exercising, drinking my Vi Shakes & losing weight! And I will see friends get married & others prepare for their upcoming big day! I am excited already! {Can't you tell?!}

OH! And I will definitely be thanking God for the day He made whoever invented the DVR. ALL MY SHOWS RETURN this month!!! The week of my birthday {September 21st by the way} is a big TV week. All the good shows return that week!!
Modern Family
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
Two & a Half Men - gonna check my man Ashton out on there...
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
...and others I am sure!! Makes it look like I watch a lot of TV, doesn't it? :/ Unfortunately most of my shows come on on Thursday nights, so I am again thanking God for creating whoever invented the DVR!

I am about to break out my FALL decorations! I have more Fall decorations than I have Christmas decorations...maybe, well, I don't know after last year's Christmas clearance sales. :)

Let the fabulous September begin!!!

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