Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween....5 days later!!

One Another thing I love about my job is the fact that they all love to celebrate! We had a Halloween party {slash "staff meeting"} and it included a costume contest! I had little time to search for a costume and zero money to buy one just for one hour. I was offered a Wilma Flinestone costume {thanks Erica!} but the wig looked like Wilma had way too much fun the last time she appeared {haha!}, so that costume idea was out. I got home late the night before & was bummed that I wouldn't have a costume. Mom said, "Why don't you wear the E.T. costume in the garage?!"

Now, please let me tell you. My grandmother had this costume MADE for my aunt in the 19EIGHTIES. I've seen the thing taken out of the box only like a handful of times in my life, and definitely made fun of it every time. This thing has been in a box SINCE my aunt wore it, again, in the 80's. But something struck me and I thought this idea was the best! I got so excited and hoped that it would fit!! We pulled that thing out of the box, and I tried it on.

That thing definitely smelled like the 80's, but thank you Febreeze for helping me out in that department!! The mask was a little smushed from being in a box for 25 years, but, behold the final product:

I just had people hold my mask out so I didn't look like a monkey!!
Do you see my glowing heart & red fingertip??
My only regret with this costume is that I didn't bring Reese's Pieces!!

Also- meet my work girlfriends {or 2 of them anyways!} Here's Ashley & Amy!! Ashley and I share an office, listen to 90's music on Pandora, and talk about so many non-work things! I love it! Amy is no longer working with us, but I'm not as super sad about it as if I would be if I wouldn't be seeing her for movie nights & texting on Tuesdays about New Girl and comedy-relief Wednesdays!! I these girls!

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