Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reflecting on 2011... in February

Yes, I know it's February. Yes, I know one would typically reflect on the previous year around New Years. While I did, I must not have submitted my post, and look what I found! Low & behold! A reflection on the year 2011. :) It went a little something like this ::: 

I just love looking back, reflecting on the past year, and thinking of what memories and lessons it brought. This new year is no different.  Some things didn't change at all this year {if you ask me if I have a ring on my finger yet, I might drop kick you. Trust me, YOU WILL KNOW if I ever get engaged!} and some things changed dramatically!!

I think I'll take a stroll down memory lane if you don't mind. Join me if you wish, and if not, well, you might want to stop reading. ;) This also is a great time to reflect on my hair colors & styles in 2011. I went from red to orange to dark brown to blonde to brown to almost black. Just a typical year.

Thankfully, I rang in 2011 with my boy.

I spent January through April traveling back and forth between Hickory and Maiden for my school counseling internship.  Waking up super early after being up super late was not ideal, but I loved Maiden and everyone there and especially loved driving while watching the sun rising every morning!

This picture of my Mawmaw's Valentine's Day flag makes me happy. "All you need is love."

I do not miss these late nights doing work for the last school papers and projects but I do miss Baby hanging out with me while I worked. :)

And March & April was an exciting time! Alex bought his first house & we all spent a month fixing it up, getting it read for him to move in! It sure was an experience, and a trying time for this couple with two different tastes {me: good, him: whatever is cheapest} but we made it! :) We had SO much help from his family & his friends and he/we are so grateful for that! We definitely could not have done it all without them!

Alex and I celebrated {another} two years together on April 4th!

And spent lots of time with these two... :) Tashah & Phil are our permadoubledates!

And enjoyed the presence of this guy (on the left!)... Casey was such a help to Alex as he worked on his new house & we loved getting to know him as he spent time in NC! The boys loved him too :)

Easter 2011
AND let add that I was SO extremely happy to celebrate my graduation (a couple months early) with these folk!! My #1 fans... I love love love them! 

Johnathan, me, and Tori - all RDs at Lenoir-Rhyne GRADUATED!! It was a fun two years but we have to move on to paychecks & big people jobs!!

And I can NOT forget Maria! The one that makes us four! I shared so many good times with these ladies. I miss them like crazy!

I saw my little bestie graduate from UNCW! :) Such a big year for her!

Happy 25th birthday to my boy!!

I loved reuniting with my family for my cousin's wedding. It's usually Christmas when we're all together & that doesn't happen every Christmas. So it made my heart happy to have us all together!
Granny :)

My cousin, Courtney, the bride :)


Brother Bear

I love this pic of me & Alex!! Jumping off the high dive at the lake, enjoying the last days of summer with friends before we have to be adults & work full-time jobs.

But not before our beach trip with the Mullen family!!

And I got to hold a shark!!!!!

And look at this pretty pretty thing :)

I got to hang out with my Godson, Corbin, a couple times & watch him grow into such a handsome little one-year-old man!!

I chopped all my hair off & attempted to start over on this whole perfect hair journey I'm on.

And I celebrated my 24th birthday with some pretty awesome friends who I love so much!!

And, you know I started my new job, and my co-workers made me feel SO special on my birthday. Seriously.

And I told you it was a big year for my little bestie! She is a married woman now!!

And I got to meet my SECOND Godson, Carson!! He is a DOLL! Lindsey (and Rhine) make beautiful baby boys for sure.
Hahaha. Halloween at work was a hoot. I was E.T. for our costume contest. Yes, we are a mental health agency and YES we have Halloween costume contests. Which my fab new friend Ashley obviously did not participate in. (Boo!) I won runner-up to our executive director! Haha!

Amy!! (Also did not participate)

Alex and I spent many-o-Friday nights supporting our little cousins in their high school football games. They were both seniors & played first strings for their schools so we had to go show them some love!! And Mawmaw flew her Lincolnton flag for one more football season. *tear*

In October, Alex and I went with his parents to Boone to watch some Appalachian football and hang out in the pretty mountains before it got so cold I thanked God I didn't live in Boone anymore.  We had a great time! :)

And, the Lincolnton Wolves just kept winning.  So we spent all of November watching them win playoff games. It got cold and I had to constantly remind myself I loved my cousin. :)

We even went to NC State to watch the Wolves in the state championship!! They didn't win & it's a pretty sore subject all over town, but, I'm proud of my little cousin & was glad that he got to experience something so memorable!!

AND Christmas time came around. :) We celebrated with friends by eating, exchanging silly gifts, and waring our ugliest Christmas attire.
Addi didn't join us in the ugly Christmas sweater attire. She said ugly wasn't in her wardrobe. HAHA. Just kidding.
And, more importantly, I thanked God above that I got to spend Christmas with my Pawpaw!! He gave us another super serious scare, and even was escorted to the E.R. via ambulance while the family was at their house on Christmas Eve night, BUT God works wonders & we were able to celebrate Christmas with him the next day!!!!
This is him, showing me how much he loved his much-needed Snuggie.

You'll have to forgive me for posting this in FEBRUARY. My blogger brain must have been pre-occupied. But, as you can see, 2011 brought me lots of happiness and experiences and memories and milestones and life lessons. It was a rough year and it was a great year. I'm glad it happened & I'm glad it's over.

Bring it on, 2012!! I am excited to see what you have in store for me!! 

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